10 Most Unnecessary Products

1Underpants for your Hands

Great for "sanitary" handshakes and strip poker, these underpants for your hands are $11.95

2Men's Bra

A men's brassiere, only in Japan... and Seinfeld's Kramer mind.

3Infant Pillow

Just when you thought every baby product was out on the market, the "Zaky Infant Pillow" could just be what you were looking for. As its slogan states: it's like leaving a part of you with your baby. Creepy!

4DVD Rewinder

Thank goodness someone came up with this DVD rewinder to relieve our tired hands. Just snap the disc on top, press the button and watch in wonder as your disc spins up thanks to the "Centriptal Velocity Spindle." It even has its own rewinding sound which if you don't like, can be re-recorded.

5Pepsi White

Yogurt-flavored Pepsi. Only in Japan of course.

6Inflatable Toast

A $6.50 slice of toast made of vinyl, perfect replica of a $1 toast.

7Handsets for cell phones

Do you love it when your cellular phone goes off while you're making sweet love or how easy it is to drop on the rainy pavement, but you miss the inconvenience and lack of mobility associated with landlines? Here's the product for you.

We would rather not know what this candy tastes like.

Grow up to be gay, a magnet set. Ok then.