12 Controversial and Banned Commercials

Some content is too strong for TV, so thank God for the internet! Here’s a list with some of the most controversial banned commercials ever made.

1Blind Man (Levis)

A banned commercial of Levis Jeans that aired in the United Kingdom, the setting is a public bathroom. A guy holding the white cane most of the time is not blind. He’s just holding the cane for the old man. But when that hot woman comes in and she starts changing in front of him because she thinks he’s blind, he’s not so stupid, honorable as to say, “Excuse me Miss, I think you have the wrong idea, here.”(Source)

2Mother said I could (Hansaplast)

This banned commercial for Hansaplast condoms tells the story of a boy who could do naughty stuff because his mother said so. It is later revealed that her mother was in a room concealed from view, having sex. In that moment the boy ask her mom who is in the state of ecstasy, her answer appears to be “Yes, yes, yes.”(Source)

3Strip Poker (Centrum)

On this banned commercial, a group of friends are playing a daring game of Str*p Poker, as they all watch one young girl about to remove her bra the lights go on and a man asks ‘Whats Going On’, then the ’sexy’ friends become a group of pensioners at a care home. As Centrum will make you feel young again.(Source)

4Tidy Up (IKEA)

Ikea’s advertising campaign, “Tidy Up”, was first launched in France in September 2001. Several years on, the campaign continues to amuse. The five 30 second ads were designed to reach a new cohort of young adults who had grown up with IKEA and associated the furniture retailer with their parents’ generation. The campaign was translated from French to English and used throughout Europe.The super for each of the ads:
In English: “Tidy Up. (or Straighten Up) If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for others.”
In French: “Rangez. Si vous ne le faites pas pour vous, faites le pour les autres.”
Intriguingly, the IKEA Tidy Up ads have been described as “Banned” and “Extreme” wherever they’ve been posted on YouTube and Google. But there is no evidence that would back up these claims.(Source)

5Super Bowl 2007 (Budweiser)

In this banned Super Bowl 2007 Bud commercial, a guy and girl are skinny dipping in a pool and people are watching them in from the bar.(Source)

6Spontaneous Game of Shoot ‘Em Up (Xbox360)

In 2005, Microsoft made a “Jump In” ad for their Xbox 360 console that never aired. The ad, deemed too controversial, showed commuters on a subway platform playing “shoot ‘em up” with their fingers (Bang!).(Source)

7“The Milkman” (Mastercard)

This is a Mastercard Commercial of the Priceless ad campaign.I suggest you also watch the original video if you want a good laugh.
The commercial was a great spoof of the original but was banned because of the violence.(Source)

8Windows XP unexpected experience (Microsoft)

In this Microsoft Windows XP Commercial, a couple was in the midst of foreplay. During the sexual act, the man tried to remove the bra using both his hands. Unfortunately after much struggle, he couldn’t unhook the bra strap. The barrier it turns out was a password, and it is revealed that this particular banned commercial was for the Microsoft Windows XP. Unexpected experience indeed.(Source)

9Adam and Eve (Centraal Beheer)

Centraal Beheer Achmea has another Appeldorn insurance moment in Adam and Eve. Eve wanders through the Garden of Eden, mesmerized by the beauty around her. When she meets Adam for the first time he looks stunning, at first. Rumor has it that the ad is not being broadcast due to sensitivities in the gay and religious communities.(Source)

10Happy Parents (Universal Mobile)

Why it’s so important to keep the mobile phone bills low? Universal Mobile made this controversial tv commercial to remember how important it’s to keep the cellphone bills low.

Did you notice at 0:15 when the right guy is trying to take his shirt? A little too strong for tv, but really funny.(Source)

11Blackberry Shoots Apple (Blackberry)

This, shall we say, confrontational BlackBerry Storm ad by NY ad agency Guava has been making the rounds today, depicting a blackberry “bullet” taking a violent path through a familiar-seeming piece of fruit. An anonymous source told us that RIM considered it but eventually got cold feet — and we can understand why. Nonetheless, it’s an awesome bit of smack. (Source)

12Kylie Minogue’s mechanical bull (Agent Provocateur)

Moving on from the history lesson to the sexiest banned ad in recent memory: Kylie Minogue riding a mechanical bull in nothing but see-through lingerie.

After Kylie thoroughly enjoys her time grinding on the bucking machine, she then asks for some participation from other men.(Source)