10 Unfortunate Cakes

Some people at Suzanne‘s work had a goodbye party for her. One of the supervisors called the local Wal-Mart and ordered the cake. He told them to write: “best wishes Suzanne” and underneath that write “we will miss you”. Here’s the cake that was delivered.

“Just bring the photo in on a USB drive and we’ll print it out here.” they told her. They did that, literally!.

Imagine ordering a cake for your daughter’s baby shower only to pick it up and find that not one but TWO of the three words you asked to have written on the cake had been misspelled.

Poor Sasha was sent off from her job with this unconventional goodbye cake.

Can you guess what happened? Apparently the printing process is mostly automatic and is printed directly from the website in edible ink. The designer didn’t catch it and they tried to sell it to the purchaser.

yo brotha, cangratalation!

That Riunion must have been something

Happy Aniversity

They just couldn’t get it right for Geri

Bee mine honey

NOTE to cakewrecks readers: every cake has a link back to its source on its description –and always had them–, including the ones for cakewrecks.