11 Weirdest Dresses

Condom Dress:
Created by brazilian artist Adriana Bertini, they are made of thousands of quality-control-rejected condoms.These colorful clothes were shown at the “Dress Up Against AIDS: Condom Couture,” an exhibition at UCLA’s Fowler Museum.

Hamburger Dress
Created by artist Joy Kampia, who specializes in crocheted sculpture and wearable art.

Chocolate Dress
Designed by the famous spanish designer Paco Rabanne

Cream Puff Dress
On 2006, Valentyn Shtefano, a Chef from Ukraine, made this dress from 1,500 cream puffs for his fiancee. It took two months, with the final product weighing in at 20 pounds.

Charmin Toilet Paper Dress
Katrina Chalifoux of Illinois created this toilet paper wedding dress for a competition sponsored by “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!”

Skittles Wrapper Dress
15 hours and 101 Skittle wrappers after, Craftster user Theperilouspopsicle finished her Prom dress made entirely out of this candy wrappers.

Tent Dress
The “Ms. Homeland Security: Illegal Entry Dress Tent,” by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao

All Natural Dress
Artist/fashion designer Robin Barcus creates unusual dresses from natural ingredients: lily pad, dandelion, corn husk, pinecones and more.

Sexiest Wedding Dress ever

It can never get too sexy huh?

Sixers Fan Dress