Bolivia’s Witches’ Market: Llama Foetuses and Dried Armadillos

On July 2008, Oddee’s crew went –along with photographer Robert Dam— to one of the most bizarre street markets in South America.Located in the world’s highest capital at 11,200 feet (3,400 meters), La Paz, the market over Calle Linares hosts a crowded line of unusual storeswhere witches, medicine women, folk doctors, astrologers, fortunetellers, and sorcerers live and work.

From Llama fetuses for prosperity, to toad talismans, owl feathers and stone amulets;meet Bolivia’s Witches’ Market.

Through prayer and a burnt offering of Llama Fetuses, witches ask the “Pachamama” –a god that many Bolivians call “Mother Earth”– to bring health, happiness, and especially prosperity.
Most Bolivian families have a dried llama fetus thrown under the foundations of their house for luck.

The naked ceramic couples are to improve the sex life, rectify impotency, and increase fertility.

Dried Armadillos are to prevent thieves from entering the house.

Stone amulets, candles, gems, and soaps.

Dried animals

For the right price, a sorcerer will cast a spell to avenge an oppressive boss’s behavior—or to grant a child good marks in school.