World’s Strangest Furniture

1Scrabble Furniture

At the Bloomberg offices in London, employees can leave each other messages using these Scrabble cushions, designed by Stephen Reed Industrial Design and Alistair Willmott. The end tables serve as double and triple word scores, leaving the possibility for some pretty high scoring words.

2Animal Furniture

Rodolfo Rocchetti from Tappezzeria Rocchetti is a master upholsterer from Rome, and he made some really creative pieces of furniture. Now to have something like this in your home you might choose a very wild theme for your home, because these designs can easily make people say “OMG !“.And for the animal lovers out there these are all made from faux fur.

3Fractal Furniture

Fractal 23 is a very creative piece of furniture designed by Takeshi Miyakawa. The design, by Takeshi Miyakawa is made to make the maximum use of space and 23 different sizes of drawers certainly do that for you. Finally I don’t think that the Fractal 23 is a practical piece of furniture, rather an interesting piece of art that can make your friends say “Wooow”.

4Plant Furniture

The furniture/plant hybrid products by Japanese company Mindscape it’s a great idea that combines interesting plant shapes with a place to sit and contemplate the garden. In conclustion these stools and couches look very interesting, especially if you like to rest on a piece fresh green grass.

5Alien Furniture

Here’s a coffee table guaranteed to be a conversation piece for you: Alien furniture, hand crafted made from used car parts, tools, and scrap metal!

6Furniture Made from Car Parts

Jake Chop Shop is a company that creates interesting pieces of furniture by using pieces of cars. As you can see, the pink one is the 1960 Chevy Impala Bed, and it looks very good compared with an old boring bed. The bed also has storage space in engine compartment, just open the hood.

74Legs: a provocative chair

This is definitely the most risque in our series of weird furniture: The 4Legs. A self-described “provocative chair” by the Dutch designer Mario Philippona. Undoubtedly not for the faint-hearted, or for an average living room, though the designer’s own description encourages it to be “used as a single piece to cheer up your living room” and claims to be “more comfortable than most designer dining chairs.” Gives a new meaning to ‘bums on seats’.