Please ignore our other… um… crashed airliner

The cabin announces: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for choosing to fly with Mandarin Airlines.As we taxi out to the runway please make yourself comfortable… and for those of you sitting on the right side of the plane… pelase ignore our other… um… airliner.”

On August 22, 1999, Mandarin Airlines Flight 642 from Bangkok to Hong Kong crashed upon landing. The plane, an MD-11, encountered a 24-knot crosswind coincident with Typhoon Sam and came down too hard on its right side, causing the No. 3 engine to hit the runway and the right wing to separate from the fuselage. The MD-11 rolled over and slid off the runway upside down, bursting into flame and grinding to a halt on a grassy area adjacent to the runway, and stayed there for a couple of days, so all passengers from arriving flights came to see it.

Remarkably, there were only three fatalities among of the 300 passengers and 15 crew members aboard the flight.