Outstanding Aerial Photos around the World

This was the staggering scene after a faulty gas cooker exploded in a timber-framed shack – and devastated a tiny Caribbean island.The blast caused an inferno that leapt from hut to hut, taking less than ten minutes to sweep across Soledad Miria.Many of the 1,014 inhabitants dived into the sea or took to fishing boats to escape. More than a third – 348 – were injured but, amazingly, no one died.

A real picture of 300+ low income homes in Ixtapaluca (Mexico), a complex with more than 10,000 homes

Aerial view of Roar Rollercoaster, Six Flags, Baltimore, USA

From the sky, it looks just like a giant oak tree lying on its side.But this fascinating image is partly down to nature and partly made by man.The remarkable shape of trunk, branches and foliage was created by a combination of storm damage and scars left on the landscape by forestry machinery used to retrieve logs.Swedish photographer Jocke Bergland took the shot while flying over Sweden documenting damage in the wake of Hurricane Gudrun in January 2005.

This show the devastation that occurred when a large tornado struck Greensburg Friday night.

By sitting and lying in the snow, students of Park City middle-school used their bodies to spell: “Step it up. Go carbon neutral” for activist and aerial artist John Quigley as part of a Sundance Film Festival documentary.

Aerial Picture Of 3 Air Craft Carriers

Taxicabs in Mexico City, rounded up for not having permits (“Taxis Piratas”)

A Soccer field in Africa (by Michael Poliza)

A message of love to an unknown “Gina” is scrawled across the lanes of an overpass on Highway 520 in the Arboretum on Tuesday in Seattle. The message was painted on an unused ramp on the highway in the serene park. The painter and the recipient of the message are mysteries.

The Amundsen-Scott South Pole station: A functioning community of scientists living at the bottom of the world.

Aerial photograph of Grand Prismatic Hot Springs, Yellowstone Park, USA

Striking aerial image of an unusually large herd moving through Chad toward the Tinga

This guy decided to show the words in a crop field so it would be visible in aerial photos. Only, he decided to do it in the form of a Semacode (a visual code – or bar code – for containing information).

Aerial view of birds on Bass Rock, Scotland.

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