Top 10 Coolest Accesories to your PC

1USB Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy is one of the latest fads which makes this USB air freshner a must have. This gadget plugs right into your PC’s USB port and can generate three different aromas. Now here’s the cool part, you actually get to choose what scent you want using your computer.Source

2ElekTex Smart Fabric Keyboard

Want a full-sized keyboard that you can roll up and take anywhere? Than ElekTex’s Smart Fabric Keyboard is just what you’ve been looking for, its 100% fabric, water-repellent, and very light (2.4 ounces). It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with compatible devices and even comes with a PDA stand. An embedded LED displays keyboard and Bluetooth connectivity status.

3CP-1 USB Spy Mouse

Keep a close ear on your computer with the CP-1. Hidden inside this otherwise normal looking mouse is a condenser microphone – capable of picking up on any nearby conversations. It measures 53 x 95 x 35 mm and weighs just 75g. Source

4Multimedia Chair

Hammacher Schlemmer’s “Multimedia Chair” just might be the ultimate gaming accessory, offering two 50-watt speakers (built into headrest), a 300-watt amp (concealed in chair base), and a sound transducer — “the same technology originally used in multimillion dollar USAF flight simulators and theme park rides” — that converts low-frequency sounds into vibrations. One drawback, it costs $799.95.Source

5SoundArt Canvas Speakers

f you want to combine art and technology into one device, SoundArt has the answer in its stylish canvas speakers. Just hang it on your wall, plug in your music source and enjoy the space around you. From music to movies the audio options are endless. Almost any audio source can be played through it – your Hi-Fi, iPod, DVD, CD or use the output on your AV system. Featuring one or two canvas speakers, a subwoofer, and your choice of canvas print. One potential drawback, it costs $3700.Source

6Folding Computer Bed/Desk

For around $2079, you could buy this nifty folding computer bed. It features gas pistons which assist in the bed to desk transformation and also dampens the natural action of weight transfer. Source

7Portable Cardboard Speakers

MUJI, best known in for their innovative yet simple products, has come out with speakers made of cardboard and a few electronic components They ship unfolded in a clear plastic pouch — fold them up and they’re ready to use. Now that’s what we call portability. MoMAstore has them available for puchase now at $42 USD. Source

8Optimus Keyboard

One look at the Optimus and you know you’re dealing with something different. This innovative keyboard has customizable OLED keys — program them to launch applications or as hot keys and use your own icons/animations/pictures for a personal touch. Source

9Foot Mouse

One pedal controls movement while the other is for the clicks. Pedals are made from an injection molded plastic shell and feature a “360-degree, pressure sensitive mechanism”. Source

10SatuGO – Bouncing Digital Camera

This nifty little bouncy ball type gadget is actually a digital camera that snaps 3.0 Megapixel images when bounced. The SatuGO is notable in that it includes 1GB NAND memory and sports a timer/flash so it can also be used as a webcam. Just plug it into your computer’s USB port for quick and easy recharging.Source