Fun Facts about the Amish: Part One

  • Because there is a lot to these people and how they live.

We’ve all heard of the Amish, but what do we really know about their culture? Some of them use electricity, does that shock you? Here are a bunch of other Amish fun facts.

Vacation is a Yes

The Amish go on vacation, just like the rest of us. A popular destination out of their local community during the winter season is Pinecraft, FL. It is jokingly referred to as the “Amish Las Vegas.” When it comes to vacation, the Amish are permitted to travel by bus and train. Regular bus service between Amish communities has even been established in some areas. Air travel though is a no for the Amish. They are not permitted to fly as it’s considered too modern. What a fun Amish fun fact!

Birth Control is a No

The Amish community is one with the phrase “go forth and multiply.” In the Amish community, children are seen as blessings and large families are cherished. Traditionally, all forms of birth control are rejected by the Amish but in everyday life, it’s a little different. Some Amish use natural forms of birth control such as the rhythm method. Lately though, some Amish communities have lessened up on their ideas about the use of birth control. More unexpected pregnancies can be harmful to the mother in regard to her mental and physical health but also because of pre existing conditions.

No Buttons or Zippers

What really? Yes, really. Using buttons and zippers in Amish community is a no-no. For the Amish, buttons and zippers are seen as too showy and not humble enough for their way of life. The combination of Velcro and zippers are also banned. And capes are used for religious services, but otherwise not worn regularly. This Amish fun fact is lesser known.

No Dentists for Them

The Amish aren’t involved in any dental plans in the American healthcare system. Even if at some point they qualify for Medicaid and dental services are offered, they would abstain as it goes against their religious practices.

A Rare Gene

A group of Amish people were found to have a rare genetic coding in a population in Berne, Indiana. The genetically isolated group only has children with people within their population. Because of this, most are distantly related. The genetic mutation discovered wards off the effects of aging. People with the found mutation tend to live longer than those who don’t, dying at 85 instead of 70. What a great Amish fun fact!

The Youngest are the Favorites

Or at least it would seem like it once you find out they inherit everything. Yup. Countries around the world have the practice of passing down money or inheritance goes to their eldest son. The Amish do something different within their community. The youngest of the family is the one to inherit their father’s fortune. The Amish think it’s up to the eldest male son to learn everything the father has taught. These skills are the ones to guide the eldest to live a good life and enable him to support his family. The youngest son on the other hand is expected to struggle more, since he has the least access to his father’s wisdom. This is the reason the youngest generally receives the inheritance. This is nothing if not an Amish fun fact, well, if you’re the youngest boy that is!

Wedding Dress Makers

The Amish are known for making their own wedding dresses. For the Amish, the wedding day is one of the biggest events in an Amish woman’s life and to celebrate, the women make their own wedding dresses. This is to be the best and finest dress an Amish woman will ever wear. The beauty of these dresses is so valued that, unlike most of the rest of the world who never wears their wedding dress again, Amish women often wear the same dress for Sunday church. Usually a wedding dress for the Amish is blue so women decide what shade and fabric they want for the dress. And because they wear the dress for special occasions, they don’t place it in a box for safe keeping.

I think a lot of women would love the chance to wear their wedding dress again, what do you think? For Fun Facts about the Amish: Part Two, click the link.