You Don’t Have To Smell Terrible

Risking your hard-earned pay on a new, expensive fragrance can be an overwhelming experience. You want to be confident in your choice, but just like ordering fancy wine at an expensive new restaurant, you need to know what works. “Red with meat, and white with fish” is a safe bet, but it can also be predictable and even dull.

Perfumery, just like fine wine, is all about experimentation, and with just a little bit of information, you can rock any fragrance you want at any time.  The name of the game is that your fragrances should do the heavy lifting for you, and to choose the most versatile options. Stick with a line that offers the classic options in a fresh, new way – so your scent choice is appropriate for the occasion, but still fashionable and flattering. 

Gianni Versace perfumes are infused with an unmistakable elegance, and they are an ideal choice if you want a perfume or cologne that always works with your chemistry.  Versace’s line is varied and completely appropriate, whether it’s a classic floral bouquet, or the bold intensity of a full-throttle masculine cologne. And they last a good while as well, so one or two sprays during the day or early evening will be just right to keep you refreshed and on top of your game.

They all feature complex, contrasting blends that pair well with casual and formal settings, to be dressed up or down as your social calendar dictates. In short, they are as sophisticated as they are versatile, and are one of the true “go-to’s” in fragrance today. 

Say you’re looking for an office-ready perfume that flows easily into after-hours adventures? Versace’s Versense offers tart citrus with a dark, sweet, and earthy fig note – perfect to get you from your first coffee of the morning to a late-night last call. Versense also features jasmine and lily set against cardamom’s exotic warmth – a floral heart for the day, and then enticing, after sundown spice.  Versense is an automatic “9-5 and beyond’ perfume.

But what if you’re going on a first date, and the woman you’re trying to impress definitely isn’t about to join you at a noisy sports bar for a monster plate of nachos?  You’ll need a cologne that projects a culturally refined, but casual aura. Versace’s Eros combines sweet vanilla and smoky tonka bean with the gentility of green apple and fresh mint.  This is an unstoppable combination of aphrodisiac dessert versace scents with bright, clean-shaven aromatics. Eros is a confident, sensual, and sophisticated cologne  – your never-fail olfactory wingman while you get to know each other, and then into anything the night offers. has several other Versace fragrances to mix and match with your lifestyle. If you’re a bridesmaid at your bestie’s wedding, Versace’s Signature is a respectful, joyous floral.  Dylan Blue’s intriguing mash-up of fiery spices with cool aquatic notes is tailor-made for a Friday or Saturday night that somehow ends at dawn on Monday morning.

But don’t take our word for this – Gianni Versace’s line is fine to start anywhere with.  Just dive in and enjoy exploring its sophisticated, effortless energy.

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