Creepy Habits Untrustworthy People Typically Share

We all have weird habits but some of us have bad habits, toxic ones, and worse, we can’t be trusted. These are some of the signs you may see in people that are untrustworthy.

Mood Changes

Quick and sudden changes in mood are not a good sign. People who aren’t trustworthy like to be in control, and if they’re not, or something doesn’t go their way, they don’t like it. Their mood can go from good to very bad, very fast. They could also almost entirely “morph” into a different version of themselves to get their way. Oftentimes, it’s hard to tell that someone is manipulating you in this way until you have already been pulled in. 

Eye Contact

Intense and never-ending contact can be creepy, and a red flag, but so can being disconnected and not using any eye-contact. There’s also that blank stare that reads “dead behind the eyes,” and is common among narcissists and sociopaths. These types of eye contact, either too much or too little are the weird ones. You’ll be able to tell right away with this one. 

Tell Their Life Story

For the most part, stable and trustworthy people don’t story dump, or tell a near stranger their deepest, darkest secrets. It demonstrates an obvious lack of boundaries, but can easily and quickly get out of control. If someone can pile all of their secrets on you after you’ve just met, it may mean that they don’t have the best control over themselves or their actions. 

They Know Too Much

This is the thing, we all know “too much” these days. We know where someone went to school, where they work, how they dress (profile picture,) who they hang out with, and even more, thanks to social media. There is a fine line between stalking, which most of us probably and admittedly do, and looking up someone. The bottom line is this, if you feel uncomfortable, leave. If you feel like too much has been done and found out, don’t be afraid to reach out to the police. Honestly, better safe than sorry. 

No Apologizing

Besides being a rude, frustrating, and ultimately selfish character trait, not being able to apologize is a huge red flag. I mean how can you trust someone who is “never wrong?” You literally can’t nor should you. 

Uncontrollable Emotions

It can be dangerous to be around people who cannot control their emotions. You will soon see a  pattern in how they interact with others and their overreactions. For instance, if you’re at the store, and your date begins yelling at the cashier because they accidentally rang up something twice. This is too much. These people aren’t worth your time for so many reasons. The more you’re around them, the more you’ll see it. How they “blow up” at work or talk about getting back at people for what they’ve done, it’s toxic.

No Constructive Criticism

Untrustworthy people cannot take it if they hear that they are doing something wrong. Just like the apologizing, or lack there of, they will actually commonly lash out at anyone who points out these things. It can be hard to notice these things sometimes, but if people consistently exhibit these actions, it’s a good guess that they’re not the trustworthy type.

Broken Promises

No one is perfect all the time, but if someone has a constant problem staying true to their word, they’re probably untrustworthy. If they’re trying to manipulate you, they will say things like “you’re making a big deal out of nothing” or ask why you are even upset. These are all red flags and not a good sign.

Broken promises are huge when it comes to trusting the people in your life. Telling marks of people you shouldn’t trust include weird eye contact and rapid mood changes.