Celebrate National Mississippi Day with the States Weird Laws

  • Did you know you cohabitating is illegal in Mississippi?

Mississippi day is celebrated on November 30th each year, starting with 2017. Here are a bunch of weird laws to celebrate Mississippi day.

Illegitimate Children

This is one weird law but if you are a parent to an illegitimate child, then you’re good. However, if you’re a parent to two illegitimate children, you could face up to one month in jail. Why jail time in the case of two though? This a very weird law for Mississippi day.

No Swearing

There are some other states that abide by this rule and law as well. It’s not ok to swear or use any profane language in public. If you’re caught swearing, it could carry a fine of up to $100.00.

Church is Important

Church is so important in this state that if you interrupt a service, you could be arrested. No joke. And it doesn’t have to be by a cop, either. Any private citizen can arrest your for interrupting a church service.

No Cohabitating

That is, if you’re dating someone, but not married, you shouldn’t be living together. That’s according to Mississippi law that states you’re living in violation of the law if you live with a significant other but you’re not married.

No Sex Without Marriage

It’s no surprise that if you’re not supposed to live with someone you aren’t married to in the state of Mississippi, then you shouldn’t be sleeping with someone you aren’t married to. It’s illegal and carries a fine of up to $500.00 and/or six months of jail time if you’re caught.

Waving<Shooting Fines

In Columbus Mississippi, there’s a fine for shooting a gun in public. Crazy enough though, there is a fine for waving a gun in public and it carries an even larger fine than shooting one. What a weird fun fact and law to think on Mississippi day.

Temperance, Mississippi

This is one weird law for Mississippi day but you cannot walk your dog here without a diaper. Yes, it’s true. You can walk your dog all you want throughout the city but it better be in a diaper, according to the law.

No Shaving in the City

That is, there’s no shaving in the center of Main Street in Tylertown Mississippi. Shaving is best left in the bathroom and not out in public much less in the center of town.

Homelessness is Illegal

Also known as vagrancy, being homeless is illegal in the state of Mississippi. Anyone caught wandering or without means of support will be arrested and jailed for no less than 10 nor more than 30 days.

No ‘Abominable’ Acts

If you’re convicted of a detestable or abominable crime against nature, committed with mankind or beat, your fine will be $10,000.00. Otherwise, you will face imprisonment in the state penitentiary for no less than 10 years.

Seduction by Marriage

State law says that you are not allowed to seduce a woman by falsely claiming to marry them. If a man sleeps with a woman, over the age of 18 by virtue of any pretend or statements of marriage, shall, upon conviction be imprisoned in the penitentiary for no more than five years. (The fine print does say that the testimony of any woman would not, in itself, warrant a conviction.

Did you know these things about Mississippi? My favorite is no shaving in the center of the town. As if anyone would do that, so strange.