12 Amazing Chewing Gum Sculptures

Over the last 10 years, italian artist Maurizio Savini has been creating a series of sculptures using thousands of pieces of chewing gum. His works have been exhibited internationally and some of his pieces have sold for over US$55,000. Meet below some of his best artworks.

10 of the World’s Largest Vegetables and Fruits

1World’s Biggest Sweet Potato (24.9 Lbs or 11.2 Kg) Lebanese farmer Khalil Semhat, from the southern city of Tyre, couldn’t believe his peeled eyes when he discovered he had grown a massive potato weighing 11.3 kilos (24.9 pounds), setting a record for the world’s largest potato. 2Worlds Largest Marrow (113 Lbs or 65 Kg) Grown …