8 Unusual and Weird Places to Visit in the US

  • Here are some choice locations to hit on a bizarre road trip across America.

Summer is just around the corner (if it hasn’t already started). If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets a summer vacation, well, we’re jealous.

But that also means that it’s a great time to travel. But perhaps you’re bored of the same old beaches, amusement parks, and museums.

We’re here to help. We collected this Oddee-certified list of weird and wonderful locations you can head to this summer.

And the best part is, you’ll never even have to leave the country!

1. World’s Largest Toilet — Columbus, Indiana

Photo: Kids Commons

Big business needs a big receptacle. And you can’t get much bigger in that regard than the World’s Largest Toilet.

This huge porcelain throne, housed at Kids Commons in Columbus, is so big that two adults can comfortably fit inside it. You probably shouldn’t actually do your business in it, though.

The toilet isn’t actually functional. It’s part of the ExploraHouse exhibition, which teaches kids about how various parts of an average home work.

Kids Commons also has a bunch of other interactive displays and exhibitions. It can be a fun place to explore for a whole family.

2. Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail — Weldon Spring, Missouri

Weldon Spring, Missouri, was once home to America’s largest explosives factory, which later turned into a uranium refinery that closed in the 1960s. When the EPA showed up two decades later, they found a massive mound of uranium, radium, TNT, asbestos, and other lovely stuff.

So they decided to build a mountain on top of it to contain it. The Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Project Disposal Cell (as it’s officially known) covers 54 acres of hazardous waste.

Don’t worry, though — all that stuff is safely stored underneath the manmade mountain. The top of the gravel-covered mound is actually a popular birdwatching site.

And if you can’t make it this summer, there’s no reason to fret. Although the place is safe to visit, the ground is still so toxic that it’ll probably stay barren like it is today for the next 1,000 or so years.

3. Museum of Bad Art — Boston, Massachusetts

Photo: Museum of Bad Art

What is bad art? Suppose that depends on the viewer, but we know the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) in Boston has a lot of it.

MOBA claims to be the only museum in the world dedicated to collecting the worst the artistic community has ever produced. Their collection consists of both less-than-successful pieces from famous artists and stuff made by people who never should’ve been allowed to touch a paintbrush.

So, if you think you’ve seen Mona Lisa one too many times, head on over to MOBA. Maybe you’ll find a new appreciation for the classics.

4. Enchanted Highway — North Dakota

Photo: NDTourism

The nice thing about the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota is that you don’t have to get out of your car to see it. You may want to so you can get a closer look, though.

This roadside collection of large metal sculptures sits off I-94 between Gladstone and Regent. The seven works of art depict deer, pheasants, grasshoppers, and fish.

It also features geese in Flight, the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture. The Enchanted Highway is a worthwhile detour if you happen to be on a road trip in North Dakota.

5. National Mustard Museum — Middleton, Wisconsin

Photo: Mustard Museum

I sure love mustard, but not enough to open a museum for it. But if you go goo-goo-ga-ga over the yellow, spicy condiment, the National Mustard Museum is the place to be.

Located in Middleton, Wisconsin, the National Mustard Museum exhibits all things mustard, from antique serving dishes to packaging. If there’s anything you’ve wanted to know about mustard, you can learn it here.

Oh, and admission is completely free. What’s your excuse not to go visit?

6. Fremont Troll — Seattle, Washington

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There’s a troll under the bridge! No, we’re not kidding — an 18-foot-tall troll really lurks under the George Washington Memorial Bridge in Seattle.

This concrete monster holds in his hand an actual, concrete-encased Volkswagen Beatle. That should give you an idea of the scale of the beast.

The perfect time to go see the Fremont Troll is on October 31. That’s when locals arrange Troll-o-Ween, an open public event including stage performances and other suitably troll-ish fun.

7. International Church of Cannabis — Denver, Colorado

If you’re looking to reach divine heights, head on over to the International Church of Cannabis in Denver. This ex-Lutheran church has been taken over by a new-age religious organization called Elevationists.

The Elevationists explore the spiritual benefits of cannabis. Their sanctuary sure reflects their trippy views.

Seriously, this place is worth visiting just to see the church’s psychedelic decoration in person. Don’t expect to puff on a joint, though — although Elevationists consider weed sacred, cannabis isn’t allowed to be consumed at the church during public opening hours.

8. Shit Fountain — Chicago, Illinois

Photo: Jake Trussell, Flickr

We started this tour with the world’s largest toilet, so perhaps it’s appropriate to conclude it with a huge mound of crap. The Shit Fountain is a less-than-tasteful bronze sculpture in Chicago.

Created by artist Jerzy S. Kenar, the big poop is his tribute to all the dogs that constantly do their business on his flowers. Maybe a “PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG” sign would’ve taken less effort to get the message across.

You might think the City of Chicago might have something to say about the grossly detailed sculpture, there’s nothing they can do about it. Although available to the public, the sculpture technically stands on Kenar’s property — and the man is free to set up whatever he pleases.

Including a giant turd.