8 Awesome Life Hacks for Women to Give Us a Leg Up

  • Being a girl is not an easy job, so here are a bunch of tips to make it a little bit easier.

From safety to beauty, us girls have a lot to think about and take care of. These life hacks for women will give you some of the best tips and tricks.

Keep Cash in Your Phone Case

Who knows when you’ll need some extra dollars? Or maybe you don’t want to carry your purse? Keeping a little bit of cash in your phone case will ensure you always have a couple bucks on you for an extra snack or even an emergency.

Use a Razor on Pilly Clothes

You know, when your sweaters or swimsuits get pilly? This trick can fix that! Grab a disposable razor (and not one that has that shave lubrication strip.) Pull the fabric tight and use a razor to shave the pilly pieces off your clothes. This is one of the best life hacks for women, no one likes pilly clothes.

Old Nail Polish Hack

Having your nails done (and them lasting) is one of the things that makes a lot of women feel put together. Sometimes your polish will age and become thick and unusable, but there’s a solution! All you have to do it add a little splash of nail polish remover to your nail polish and it will help to thin it out. Use this hack to make sure you use all of your favorite polish and have your nails come out great, even if it’s a little old.

Wear a Wedding Ring

Wearing a wedding ring, or a ring on your ring finger, will give off the illusion that you’re not single. Unfortunately, scary situations can happen in the safest of places and us women need to be extra careful in this life. Whether you are traveling around or just alone a lot in your day-to-day, it’s good to be safe. Obviously a ring won’t stop everyone but it could help send the signal right away that you’re taken. (On that note though, if you’re ring is super blingy and you’re in a rough area or just alone, flipping it over will show the ring but not the bling. Us girls really do have a lot to think about.)

Use Scrunchies Again

The 90s was a time of bell bottoms, scrunchies and choker necklaces, but did you know these fads are back? Are you using scrunchies again? They don’t pull on your hair as much as elastic ponytails do and therefore pull out less of your hair. Because it has less pull, your hairdo will also have less bumps and create a smoother hairstyle.

Don’t Skip the Toilet

There are some life hacks for women that seem like common sense but are really important and can save you from a lot of grief, and one of them is making sure to go to the bathroom. Especially important are bathroom breaks after sex or taking a bath. The sooner the better or within 30 minutes post sex or bath but really, just go right away.

Warm up Your Mascara

Clumpy and dried up mascara sucks but it happens, here’s how to fix it. Dunk your mascara tube into a cup of hot water and let it soak for a couple of minutes. This will help smooth your mascara. (But we all know if it’s clumping and dry, that we need a new tube.)

Ice Cubes in the Dryer

This awesome life hack for women truly is awesome. Have you ever used ice cubes in the dryer? It takes out wrinkles! Throw your clothes into the dryer and two to four ice cubes as well. Turn on the dry cycle for about 10 minutes and watch your clothes go from wrinkled to unwrinkled, just like that.

The dryer trick is such a great life hack for women. What tip do you just have to try out?