7 Most Used Instagram Marketing Tools for Better

Right from the moment we wake up till when we move back to bed at the end of the day, we live in our digitalized world. Though there are plenty of choices in  today’s evolution, the most coolest and user friendly platform in social media is only Instagram. The main motto of Instagram is to create a social network. The survey says, with 400+ million daily active Instagram users, most of the biggest brands are using it to grow and engage with their audience. Right now Instagram gives a great opportunity for businesses to market themselves which engages 10 times higher than that of Facebook and 84 times higher than that of Twitter.

The process of changing marketing tricks from noob to pro happens only in Instagram. Copious marketing was offered on Instagram. Ranging from startups to huge corporations are on Instagram. Top notch reason for the reach of Instagram is that 80% of people follow at least any one business. Gone are the days when Facebook was famous. Other platforms like Twitter focused more on current social news, hashtags and politics.  Due to constant rise in technology, and customer needs , Instagram became the center of attention and still manages to stand first in the list of favorite apps. To make your account out of the box and to tweak here comes the seven most used Instagram marketing tools for better engagement. 


1. Grum: 

Are you tired of posting details on Instagram? Here comes one of the most important scheduling tools “GRUM” which lets you to publish content on Instagram. No need to put your phone out of the pocket. Grum is the best timesaver under one roof. It offers Abatement of time and prolongs multiple accounts.


2. RiteTag:

RiteTag is the right way to choose your suitable hashtags for your content. If you’re ever running out of inspiration or creativity for hashtags based on real time hashtags engagement, switch to the tool RiteTag. The appreciable thing in this tool is, there is a choice of language which is available in 28 languages to comfort the hashtags. It not only boosts your post but also  increases your Instagram followers globally.


3. InstaGrowth:

Increasing Instagram followers is the one way to make your account standard. The number of followers you gain is the hope you gain in your marketing platform. The term marketing implies we should gain followers in order to promote our products and to improve our business. The biggest strategy to get massive traffic with Instagram is to find which popular accounts already reach your target audience and then follow those followers, 30% of people will mostly follow you back!


4. Iconosquare:

Iconosquare is an analytics tool. Engages you with your followers as well reveals you the metrics on content performance. You can sort out the best time to post and acknowledge your followers. Instagram stories are also analyzed by this tool. Even it permits you to schedule posts, monitor tags and do comments about your brand’s .

5. Word Swag:

In search of a designer for your post? No worries, here is the treasure behind the professional look for your post. Word Swag gives you a post with resonate ideas. The tool which provides your instant post. 


6. Social Blade:

Need a snapshot of a day, switch to Social Blade. You can take a fancy to text to most Instagram stats and take a snapshot of day to day follow growth.


7. Buffer:

Love to repost the content, here is your way to Buffer. If you’re exhausted by thinking about new ideas and to have a new post, here is one strategy that allows you to take a break from creating unique content and connects you with other Instagrammers. Buffer not only supports Instagram but also other social media like Facebook Twitter Pinterest and LinkedIn. The beauty of this process is, it spontaneously updates every content when you allow other media to access the buffer.



As Instagram is one of the important platforms in today’s generation, marketing in this platform improves your business. The term marketing is not so simple, it needs to be clear , attractive , user friendly and reduces time complexity to the followers. In order to achieve this thought Instagram offers an opportunity to prove their skills and to improve their marketing level. As a wedge Instagram sorts and stands to support the budding as well experienced people to explore their marketing skills, provides a clear way to cultivate their marketing trips and tricks. To culminate these are the Instagram marketing strategy which promotes Instagram pages and these free Instagram growth tools helps for better engagement. The above listed tools are a way to revamp your marketing skills. Now it’s your time to implement your cravings and  Instagram marketing to the whole world!