5 Weird and Unusual Casino Games That Actually Exist

Casinos bend over backwards to keep their customers enticed and entertained, and sometimes they come up with games that deserve label odd. Sometimes though, casinos go to the extremes and introduce games that are just weird, pointless and utterly unusual. If you are tired of the same old wagers, why not have a go at betting on the decisions of a gerbil, or have a flutter on the aimless pecking of a chicken? Read on if you’re up for some bizarre ways to gamble your money.

Of course, some people prefer to keep it simple and play casino games at home. Luckily, you don’t have to miss out on all the weirdness as new online casinos in particular offer exciting, fun, and sometimes odd slot and table games.


The Chicken Challenge

The Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City pits the punters against a chicken in The Chicken Challenge. Players can challenge a chicken called Ginger to an intense game of naughts and crosses. All you need to do is to walk up, make your move and wait for Ginger to peck around in its cage, and, eventually hit the button. You can win up to USD$10,000 if you manage to beat Ginger!


Rodent Roulette

If the traditional roulette isn’t exciting enough for you, you may find the rodent roulette a little bit more refreshing. The game has many variations in different casinos around the world, but the most popular version is the Gerbil Roulette. Instead of betting on a ball that randomly falls into slots, a gerbil is placed in a box on a wheel, and it will eventually hide in one of the many numbered holes. If the animal decides to hide in the hole that you have placed your bet on, you’re the winner of the game!



The never-ending card game you played when you were seven is now available in almost every casino. One of the most easily understood table games, War is a one-hand deal: place your bet, and you’ll be dealt one card. If your card is higher than the dealer’s, you’re the winner. If it turns out to be a tie, you can either surrender and lose half of your bet, or “go to war”, double your stake and hope for the best.



The traditional Jewish betting game is usually played in livings rooms with game pieces such as buttons or raisins during Hanukkah, but thanks to its simplicity, the game has been introduced into many American casinos. Punters have to place their bets and spin the four-sided spinning top.


Belgian Birdsong

The Belgian Birdsong is a viral game in casinos across Belgium. A group of birds caged separately take it in turn to sing, and players will have to place bets on which birds they believe will sing the loudest and the longest.

Are you amazed by our list of incredibly bizarre casino games? Try them out if you want to win big in the strangest way!