20 Most Bizarre Items People Forgot on Uber in 2021

  • You have to wonder where some of these people were headed with this stuff.

Companies compile reports on all manners of things. And among the mind-numbing financial forecasts and investor communiques, they occasionally manage to also produce something interesting.

For example, did you know that Uber makes lists of all the things their clients forget in the drivers’ cars every year? Well, they do, and they’ve been doing it for the past six years.

This year’s list — the Uber Lost & Found Index 2022 — has just been released. And it shows that people sure do transport some bizarre stuff on the hired rides.

Let’s take a look at the top 20 weirdest items people brought onto an Uber. Note that this isn’t Uber’s original list — we made our own picks from the full document based on what we found the most mind-boggling.

“Hey, dude, don’t forget your… Slime bucket? What?”

20) A Windmill

We really wish this list would give us more information than just what the caller told Uber’s lost-and-found agent. What do you mean you lost “a windmill?”

It couldn’t have been a full-sized windmill — could it? We don’t know, but Don Quixote has apparently swapped his horse for an Uber.

19) A Ball Gag and a Stethoscope

Don’t ask us why somebody was transporting these two items together. We’re pretty sure we don’t want to know. But whoever did so was clearly about to have a good time.

18) A Single Blonde Strand of Hair

Maybe we’re nerds, but this report just makes us think Gimli lost the hair Galadriel gifted him. If you haven’t read or seen The Lord of the Rings, let’s just put it this way — this must’ve been one heck of an important hair.

17) A Brown Tortoise

We get it — sometimes you have to take your pet somewhere. You might have to visit a vet or maybe someone’s promised to look after your friend while you’re on vacation. But for heaven’s sake, how do you forget your tortoise in an Uber?

16) A Bucket of Slime

Was this a tub of Nickelodeon Slime? Or someone’s personal excretions?

At least we hope the bucket had a sealed lid. Otherwise, we don’t want to try and imagine the mess after a sharp turn.

15) A Diamond Grill

You’d figure that if something’s firmly in your mouth, you’d take it with you after you get home. Whoever the now grill-less individual was must’ve been coming home from a pretty hardcore party to lose this thing.

14) A Power Washing Machine and a Wooden Fish

This is one strange combo. We’d understand moving either one of these things individually, but together? Is there a connection?

13) An Urn with Pet Ashes and an Urn of a Family Member

We hate to repeat ourselves, but how? How do you forget two such emotionally significant items on an Uber?

At least we assumed they were emotionally significant. But if this person walked away without remembering them, maybe they weren’t.

12) A Piece of My Broom

This one really begs for more explanation. It must’ve been an important part if you’re coming back for it.

Did you lose the bristles or something? Or was this a witch who took an Uber home from the broom service shop? Who knows.

11) A Metal Leg

You’d really think people would remember to take their limbs with them when they get out of an Uber. But maybe somebody was transporting a prosthetic for someone else. Or maybe it’s a table leg?

10) ‘A Crochet Strawberry My Girlfriend Made Me. It Means a Lot to Me.’

Aww, this one is just sad. It really is a lousy feeling to realize you lost something a loved one made just for you. Whoever you are, we hope you got your strawberry back.

9) A Bernie Sanders Fanny Pack

We can’t imagine a Bernie Sanders fanny pack would be expensive enough to warrant looking after. Then again, if you own a Bernie fanny pack, you’re probably a big enough fan that it might have some emotional value. Or maybe the person’s phone was in there.

8) 40 Chicken Nuggets

It’s not really all that unusual to forget your late-night snack in the cab, especially if you’ve had a few too many drinks. But this is a big box of nuggets. You’d imagine that at least the driver would smell it.

7) Six Pool Drains and an Employee of the Month Plaque

Okay, this is funny. Whoever you are, if you work for a pool maintenance firm, you might want to ask your bosses to reconsider that Employee of the Month title.

6) A S***ty Painting of a Moose

Keep in mind that these are the words the person calling Uber’s lost and found used to describe the item. We’re hoping the caller was describing the quality of the painting. Otherwise… Ew.

5) Supreme Underwear

Supreme is an expensive brand, so we get that people would want to get their clothes back if they lose them. But underwear? Did you just buy a new pack or decide to pull yours off in the backseat?

4) Cat Litter and a Reptile Heating Bulb

This forgetful person clearly has at least two pets. And once again, we can only hope that the cat litter was still in the bag and unused.

3) My Grandma’s Teeth

We have a lot of questions, but there are very few answers. And we’re not exactly sure if we want to hear all of them. But hope the granny got her teeth back.

2) 500 Grams of Caviar

Alright, transporting caviar on an Uber is kind of weird, but maybe the person was just going home from a fancy grocery store. We’re more puzzled by the caller giving a very specific amount instead of just saying “a tub of caviar.” Were they worried the driver might’ve had a little taste?

1) ‘My Fingernail is on the Seat’

Okay, but why is your fingernail on the seat? What happened? And why on earth do you want it back?