10 Impressive Urban Gardens

The year 2020 has a definite end-of-the-world aesthetic to it. That is to say, out of nowhere everyone is using brand new phrases. We’re comfortable saying things like ‘flattening the curve’ and ‘social distancing.’ Those terms weren’t part of our shared vernacular even a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, city streets stand quiet. They’re abandoned to halt the devastating consequences of the virus COVID-19. It’s silent, highly contagious, and dangerous. As a result, the only way to stay safe is to stay away from other people. 

Looking for ways to fill free time?

By now, we’ve discovered the inherent problems with the toilet paper supply chain when society shuts down. As a result, everyone’s feeling anxious about food shortages that may follow. Those lucky enough to have gardens and outdoor space can cultivate and grow their own vegetables. Don’t despair if you’re trapped in a city apartment. There’s no need to feel left out of the future of self-sufficiency. Even in a compact space, it’s possible to grow food for yourself and your family. Check out these 10 covetable city gardens for inspiration. 


10 Awesome Urban Gardens


Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

They go big with their apartment gardens in Milan, Italy.  For example, these balconies with full trees and shrubs. Certainly, they’re a comfort to the people quarantined in the past month. Even if you don’t live in a tropical climate, you can still grow fruit and nut trees like peach, cherry, pawpaw, and honey crisp apple can all survive cold and or harsh winters.


Image by larahcv from Pixabay

While in Pàdova, Italy, they use every inch of exterior space to add greenery to the buildings. 


Photo by Cassidy Phillips on Unsplash

Here, a window box sits on an unused radiator during the summer months, getting enough sunlight to grow a few herbs, succulents and some select vegetables. 


Photo by Farrel Nobel on Unsplash

Transform objects around the home from cluttered eyesores into attractive planters. You can use a stepladder, shelving unit, or bookshelf. Next, add ceramic pots, or planter boxes and fill with flowers, herbs, or vegetables.


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on dedicated planters either. As long as you have potting soil, gravel or sand for drainage, and some unused vases, bowls, and mugs, you have a brilliant start for a DIY herb or vegetable window garden.


Photo by Nico Wijaya on Unsplash

Elaborate garden or city balcony? At first glance, this urban garden looks like a misplaced section of magical forest. 


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

With big windows and big planters you can enjoy home-grown citrus, avocados, or olives regardless of climate. 


Photo by Will Myers on Unsplash

In Spain, vines and trees take over the streets and the balcony gardens. Even in cramped space. It’s obvious the people of the city Alicante surrounded themselves with nature.


Photo by Robson Denian Mateus on Unsplash

Appropriately in Covent Garden, greenery covers the entire exterior of this London building. Also, there’s overflowing windowsill boxes outside each window. 10/10 for urban gardens.


Image by Elvira Groot from Pixabay

And finally, this section of Monaco pairs colorful exteriors with lush rooftop and balcony gardens. Every home, even in the city, has trees, shrubs and vines.