The Weirdest Food Trends There Are, Old and New

Ever since we as humans started eating, there have been food trends. Some have come and gone, and some are here to stay. And yet some, are beyond weird. Here are the weirdest food trends, old and new.

Congealed Salads

If Jello salads come to mind when you hear this term, you’re correct. These types of salad were the thing to bring, or to make, as it were. And growing up in the 90s, they were a common dinner staple in my house, too. For dessert though, with fruit added. The thing is, when they came out and when they were the most popular, it was common to use all kinds of things in these salads. One such type used lemon or orange jello along with peaches, peach juice, and cooked rice. This one isn’t too weird. But then, there were others. Spanish Salad, as it was called, contained lemon jello, pimientos, celery, pickles, white cabbage, and vinegar. In a word, yuck.


Yes, this is popular, mostly among health fanatics. And while I’ve heard it isn’t very good, it is supposed to be very good for you. The history behind wheatgrass details a girl with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who tried a grass and enema-based treatment, but it didn’t save her. However, a raw diet and consuming things like wheatgrass may not have cured the girl, but it has benefits nonetheless and adding it your diet or medical treatments is still advised but many. The taste has been described as grass though, you know, like fresh cut grass. It may not be for everyone but to each their own? This is definitely one of the weirdest food trends.

Freeze-Dried Food

With the on-the-go lifestyles of Americans and people in general these days, it’s no surprise that easy to eat food and shelf-stable snacks are not only popular, but that they will be for a long time. In fact, they already have been for a long time and in the 1960s, mass media depicted these freeze-dried astronaut foods as the way of the future. These foods are still economical and efficient, and there are more types now than ever. There are lots of healthy options like freeze-dried peaches, apples, peas, and green beans. But if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, opt for some ice cream, and enjoy dessert like the astronauts do, or like anyone else that eats freeze-dried foods.

Pickle Everything

Ok, so I love pickles, I really do. I like the dill pickle rounds on a bacon cheeseburger, the baby dills right out of the jar, and the bread and butter rounds as a snack, or even a side at a meal. But, even a pickle lover can agree, that the recent pickle trend has probably gone too far. Case in point, pickle popsicles. I mean, just no. Unless of course, you are cutting off chunks and or adding it to your Bloody Mary, this is just not something that should be a thing. But, because there are so many new pickle items on the market these days, there are some delicious things that you can sample, if you too, are a pickle lover. There is now pickle soup, fried pickles, pickle chips, pickle popcorn, pickle, pickle mints, and pickle sunflower seeds.

Gold-Covered Foods

Yup, this is a thing. And yup, people really do want it. Most things are flaked in gold and do have a higher price point because of the ‘seasoning.’ You can get gold on your cake, donuts, bagels, marshmallows and more. And the thing is, it’s not just gold that you can have sprinkled onto your foods these days. You can also have glitter food or rainbow food and a whole slew of things to choose from because this may be strange, but it is one of the weirdest food trends that is popular in 2019.

Do you think these are the weirdest food trends, or are you into them? There are so many weird food trends these days, but there is certainly something for everyone.