The Weirdest Beauty Trends That You Have Seen Yet: Part Two

Did you read The Weirdest Beauty Trends That You Have Seen Yet: Part One? It was full of weird beauty trends like ant-filled nails, halo brows, and more. Here are more of the weirdest beauty trends.

Nose Hair Extensions

Yes, this is really a thing. No, we don’t know why. It’s true, it’s 2019 and we are all being pushed past old limits, including being more accepting of body hair. But having hair on your legs or under your arms is not only natural, it’s something all of us have. What all of us don’t have is large amounts of dark, course hair literally sticking out of our noses. This is extreme and not attractive. Don’t do it.

Reverse Eyeliner

Why, just why? Some would argue that just having eyeliner on your top lid is strange. Ok, we get that. But only using liner on your bottom lid? The results certainly catch your eye and will get you second looks, but for good reason or?

Ear Makeup

This is what you think it is. Makeup that’s specifically for your ear. Whether it’s glittery, shiny, or rainbow, it’s makeup for your ear. Whatever you do don’t let anything get into your ear canal, that’s for sure. And furthermore, don’t use ear makeup..because, why would you even want to?

Bratz Doll Makeup

This is more common than you may think. Heavy, black eye makeup, bold, and often dark, lips, and lots of blush is what makes this look, this look. It’s known as Bratz Doll Makeup, after those Barbie-doll like dolls we used to play with in the early 2000s.

Furry Nails

There has to be furry nails because there isn’t possibly enough furriness in this world, haha. Why would you want furry nails? Sure, they’re soft and you can probably pet them like they’re, well, a pet. But they will probably shed into food if you’re eating or cooking, and if you wash your hands, they will just be wet and look like a wet dog, as it were. So, all in all, just say no to furry nails.

100-Layer Challenge

This isn’t as much of a trend as it is a trendy challenge. There’s 100-layer lasagna and 100-layer foundation, so why not 100-layer nail polish. Never mind that typical polish takes 100 years to get off on its own, but for sure let’s add an additional 97 or so layers and see what happens. For one thing, it looks ridiculous. For another, can you even imagine how long it would take to get these layers to dry, even if you’re using quick dry polish? This may be a trending challenge, but it doesn’t look good so let’s leave it to the weirdos who want to do all the 100-layer challenges. This is by far one of the weirdest beauty trends there are, but yet, people keep on keeping on.

Rainbow Hair

Now this is awesome. The look is beautiful and you can even “hide” it, as a peak-a-boo layer. Plus, rainbow things are about as popular as glitter is these days, and the people love it. The only thing is, unless you have very light toned, blonde hair, you need to bleach the s*%# out of your hair so that it takes the color. And even then, the more you wash your hair, the faster this color fades and you lose your rainbow look. If you have great hair that can take a beating or is really light in color, let your rainbow flag fly, otherwise, leave it to the people that can do it, without ruining their locks.

Faux Freckles

Because who doesn’t want something that they don’t have in this life. I, personally, have the stick, straightest natural hair you’ve ever seen. And what do I love? Curls of course, waves, or almost anything that doesn’t just hang there, straight as can be. So I get it, I do. But unless you get your faux freckles tattooed on, these aren’t going to last. Like what if it rains? Freckles gone. And what if you have an itch on your face? Freckles gone again.

Some of these are pretty cool, like the rainbow hair look. But the furry nails and the ear makeup are trends that never should have emerged and hopefully fade come 2020.