Chainsaw Artist Turns Fallen Redwood Tree Into Amazing Pacific Octopus Sculpture

Jeffrey Michael Samudosky of JMS Wood Sculpture is an artist wielding a chainsaw, and his latest work is stunning. The Gig Harbor, Washington resident carved a gargantuan Pacific octopus out of a fallen redwood tree. Born and raised in Shelton, Connecticut, Samudosky studied art and photography and spent time traveling the continent as an Outward Bound instructor, …

9 Mind-Blowing Makeup Artists

From the male actor who transforms his face into a host of female celebrities to the grandpa who transforms himself into a young lady, check out nine mind-blowing makeup artists whose work is more shocking than plastic surgery.

Daughter Uncovers 30K Negatives In Deceased Mother’s Attic And The Photos Are Phenomenal

Most people end up with a massive pile of junk after cleaning out mom or dad’s attic. This woman uncovered thousands of intimate photos that her mother kept from the world. The world will finally get to see her work. From Colossal: “Russian artist and theater critic Masha Ivashintsova (1942-2000) lived a secret life as …