The 13 Best Signs from March for Our Lives Protests

1She's Being Honest

I wouldn't want to be her son.

2You Sure Are, Ralphie. You Sure Are

So adorable and so inept.

3It Was Just Hyperbole

If we start taking everything everyone says literally, we're all in trouble.

4Batslap Your Prayers

To be fair, Batman does avoid the use of guns.

5Mean Girls Being Nice?

I wonder how Lindsay Lohan actually feels about the issue.

6Distracted Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan hasn't yet commented about the March.

7Well, if Oprah Says It

Is this part of the Oprah 2020 campaign?

8Grandma Just Got Real

You know it's serious when old ladies start making dick jokes.

9Boldly Going Where No Protest Sign Has Gone Before

To be fair, I think most teachers on Star Trek at least know how to use a phaser,

10These Two Sides Aren't Equal

No one wants to go to the Chum Bucket.

11I Don't Want to See Her Report Card

The debate obviously isn't limited to the smart kids.

12It's Certainly Not a New Problem

Guns and theaters don't mix

13Well, Those Fix Everything

Apparently there were a lot of Sponge Bob memes there.