12 Weird Moments From Fashion Week 2017

This article includes fashion weeks from various cities (London, New York, Madrid and Milan) and covers spring/summer and fall/winter 2017.

You can now wear the bag your dry cleaning comes in! Moschino, Milan Fashion Week, Fall 2017.

Political statements were even part of the runway spectacle this year. At the Public School show for NYFW, Fall 2017, models came out wearing red hats that read “Make America New York,” a twist on President Trump's “Make America Great Again” mantra.

A wearable gift bag by Vaquera for NYFW, Fall 2017.

Designer Thom Browne's models apparently work in a nerdy office from the future. London Fashion Week, Fall 2017.

Back when we were kids, these girls were otherwise known as the Fruit of the Loom guys! Charlotte Olympia, London Fashion Week, Spring 2017.

Hood by Air spring '17 collection, which appeared during NYFW, Spring 2017. Shockingly, we haven't seen these on the streets as of yet.

Let your inner road worker come out! NYFW, Spring 2017.

Kendall Jenner is the UPS package you've been waiting for. Courtesy Moschino, Milan Fashion Week, Fall 2017.

2017/2018 men's collection by Palomo Spain for Madrid Fashion Week. Not exactly "ready to wear," is it?

Couture Homer Simpson can appreciate! From the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada collection, Madrid Fashion Week, Fall 2017.

Designer Feng Cheng Wang's catwalk at London Fashion Week, Fall 2017. Because nothing says "everyday guy" like leather underwear.

The Devil Wears...Papier-mâché? A potato? A mushroom? London Fashion Week, Fall 2017.