8 Weird Naked Businesses

1The nude gardeners who have taken social media by storm

A British gardening business has interest coming in from the U.S., Australia, and Europe after offering female customers the chance to get their lawns trimmed by naked men.

Since the Trim Your Bush Gardening Services' (yes, that their real name) Facebook page was set up, it has been shared more than 2,500 times. Gary Warner, a 50-year-old personal trainer from South London, posted a picture of a nude gardener halfway up a ladder and tackling a hedge with a pair of shears to drum up business. It worked! Orders are flooding in, and although Warner currently operates only in Dartford, Bexley, Chislehurst, Orpington, and the surrounding areas of South London, he's planning on opening a branch in the States.

Warner is aided by fellow personal trainer 24-year-old Lewis Scothron—the owner of the almost-bare bottom in the advert. (It has since been covered, due to Facebook's policy against nudity.)

2The naked restaurant with the 46,000-person waiting list

We're on the fence about nudity and food being a sanitary combination, but London's first naked restaurant, Bunyadi, opened its doors in June 2016 in London and boasts 46,000-person waiting list.

The restaurant can feed up to 42 guests at a time and has both naked and clothed areas. A changing room is on hand, and modest diners will be given a gown and slippers to protect their modesty if they so wish.

Bunyadi will remain open for three months. A five-course food menu costs around £69. Reservations are offered on a first come, first served basis, and cell phones and laptops are, of course, banned.

3The nude Washington baristas whose popularity outweighs any attempts to thwart them

Bikini baristas—employees that serve coffee wearing little to nothing—have been popular with coffee lovers wherever they open, but in Washington state, officials want to crack down on these scantily-clad servers at drive-through coffee shops. A Spokane city councilman, Mike Fagan, is spearheading efforts to clothe the servers, saying, "It should be all about the coffee and not all about the body."

In July 2015, Fagan proposed an ordinance requiring coffee stands to post signage indicating to the public what kind of "uniforms" their employees might be wearing to ensure they are indoors and out of the public's view. But the proposal was shot down, so it's back to the drawing board for Fagan. "There are a lot of business owners out there that are still trying to figure out how to build a better mouse trap. Unfortunately, here in the city of Spokane, that better mouse trap, in their minds, would be to sell sex."

4The nude restaurant in Japan that has a weight requirement

A nude eatery is also sprouting up in Tokyo, but—unlike Bunyadi—you'd better be fit.

Amrita cautions would-be customers to avoid making a reservation or coming to the restaurant at all if they are “more than 15 kilos" (33 pounds) over the average weight for their height. Adding insult to injury, if you look overweight, you will be weighed, and if you ARE overweight, you will be denied entry. Those who made reservations, but are refused because of a few extra pounds, will not get a refund. Also not okay are people over the age of 60 and anyone with a tattoo. (Geez, we want a dinner, not a complex!)

Diners will shell out 80,000 yen ($750) for dinner and a show, while those looking for a less expensive experience can pay anywhere from 14,000 ($130) to 28,000 ($261) yen for just dinner. And it almost goes without saying—leave your phones at home.

5The Manhattan yoga studio that offers classes in the nude

Bold and Naked has taken the flexible principles of yoga to the next level by offering patrons co-ed vinyasa courses in the buff.

Located in Chelsea, the studio has a variety of class options, including clothed yoga and naked yoga (just for men, just for women and co-ed). Interested? Potential devotees have to sign up via Bold and Naked's website and are asked a series of questions before being accepted. And if you think the class will break out into a full-blown orgy Caligula would be proud of, forget it. The owners tell us that "the energy in the room is very clear, and members are very focused on celebrating their bodies through yoga."

6The British software company recruiting naked coders

In 2011, Nude House, a computer software company in Buckinghamshire, UK, was recruiting female web coders who were "required to work in the nude from the time they arrive at work until they leave to go home. Nude means no clothes whatsoever and no shoes either.”

Company founder Chris Taylor claims his is the only business in the world whose employees don't wear any clothes. Taylor has been a naturist for 20 years and says that hasn't affected his day-to-day operations at all.

In case you're wondering why the ad asked specifically for women, it's because Nude House wanted their office to be less male-dominated. Management was simply looking for more females to balance the number. We don't know for sure if they ever found the right women for the jobs, but their website is still up, and positions are still posted—maybe they just have a high turnover rate?

7The online therapist who disrobes during sessions with her clients

Sarah White is the pseudonym of a woman who operates online as “The Naked Therapist.” Since 2010, she has worked with over 1000 men via webcam. Sarah provides one-on-one interaction with men around the world, talking with them about their problems and issues. Sounds normal, but there's a catch—she disrobes during the one-hour sessions, and allows her clients to undress and even masturbate. She believes talking to people while naked could be a powerful therapeutic phenomenon.

Sarah charges $250 an hour, but her lofty fees have not hurt demand. She tried having some other people work for her and replicate the approach, but found that it wasn't a good match and continues to provide the service herself.

8The topless maids who clean homes around Los Angeles—or do they?

If you live in Los Angeles you've seen them around—the fleet of pink vans advertising topless maids for $99. We've always wondered what happens when someone requests a topless maid to clean their house and, luckily for us, one Thrillist writer did the legwork.

According to the site, once you verify your age, you are privy to photos of maids of all shapes and sizes. The $99 fee, however, isn't exactly accurate—it's $99 an hour for a minimum of two hours. When the maid shows up, she "changes into her apron with a company logo on it, a garter belt, fishnet tights, and black platform ankle boots." Her cleaning skills are minimal—"anything beyond dusting and some 'light' chores would cost extra and is usually done by another person who would come along with her and bring the appropriate equipment."

Maids are available anytime seven days a week, according to the company's website. In all, the company employs approximately 60 female maids and two butlers.