9 Insane Ways to Pull a Loose Tooth

1By a "Dentist" Parrot

A pet lover from the U.S. has found a novel way of extracting his baby teeth—allowing his parrot to pull them from his mouth.

Anton Androshchuk shared his peculiar relationship with his parrot on YouTube and claimed that it was not the first time the bird had helped him out in this way. According to Anton, who lives in Washington, the parrot had previously extracted four of his teeth before he decided to record it pulling his final baby tooth.

2With a Camaro

This looks like a movie stunt. A little boy's wiggly tooth is attached to his dad's Camaro. As the car pulls away, success!

You may worry about the kid's safety, but dad Rob Abercrombie is behind the wheel, and he's a semi-pro wrestler. The video, published in 2015, has over 1.6 million views.

3By a Drone

Malcolm Swan, from Dublin, Ireland, noticed his eight-year-old son Adam's baby tooth was on the verge of coming out when he had the novel idea of pulling it out with a remote-controlled helicopter.

In a video of the event, Adam is seen grinning in the middle of a field as he gears up to have his tooth extracted by the "drone dentist."

Swan explained that he bought the DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter "three or four weeks" prior, and when he initially suggested the tooth-pulling idea to his son, he was not so keen. But after some convincing, Adam became "excited and delighted" to test out the toy.

Adam and his dad never did find the tooth, but a visit from the Tooth Fairy was a price he was willing to pay for internet stardom.

4Using a Helicopter

Some go to the dentist to have a tooth pulled, while others might use a door or pliers. But one American dad wanted to use something more epic—a helicopter.

Rick Rahim (aka, "Helicopter Dad") decided to pull out his son's loose tooth with a 1,000 horsepower twin-engine chopper. Helmed by Rahim, a commercial pilot from Virginia, the helicopter can be seen slowly lifting off the ground, pulling the tooth in the process.

5By Javelin

When little Ellie Clay had a loose tooth, her father found a novel way to pull it out. Bryan Clay, a retired Olympic decathlete, took a long string of floss and tied one end to the tooth and the other end to one of his old javelins.

"It was all her idea," Clay wrote on Twitter. Video of the unorthodox dental procedure—posted by the elder Clay—shows the 5-year-old saying goodbye to the tooth as her dad heaves the javelin downfield. The floss pulls taut, and you can guess the rest.

6Shooting a Nerf Gun

Little Addy was tired of wiggling her loose tooth around and desperate times call for desperate measures. Her dad had the brilliant idea of attaching her tooth to a Nerf gun and firing it across the room. Luckily, Addy's tooth was mostly out already.

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7With a Dog

One dad found a surefire way to get his daughter Ava's tooth out. The little girl had a loose tooth and came up with the idea to tie a string to both the tooth and their family dog, Clancy. Ava threw a tennis ball which Clancy ran after, and the tooth popped right out!

8With a Rocket

A Portland, OR 10-year-old named Allison didn't want to pull her very loose tooth out herself, so she got some help from a model rocket.

9With a Bow and Arrow

Katniss Everdeen (from The Hunger Games) just got completely one-upped by this 11-year-old girl who has insane skills with a bow and arrow—skills that she decided to demonstrate by pulling out her loose tooth. As her dad put it, this was the "world's first tooth extraction with a badass sling-bow." While the concept itself seems a little insane, you have to hand it to this little girl—she's extremely brave (seriously, there was zero hesitation), and this was a more exciting way to pull out a tooth than the old trick of tying it to a doorknob.