12 Unbelievable Photos of Parents and Children at the Same Age

1A 1970s dad and His Lookalike Offspring

This father, pictured in the 1970s, and his son look almost identical in every pose.

2A Beatle and His Son

Julian and John Lennon pictured in their early '20s.

3Madonna and Child

The "Material Girl," Madonna, and her daughter, Lourdes, at around the same age.

4A Timeless Mother and Daughter

Even if she wasn't wearing the same hairstyle and makeup as her mother, this woman would still be a dead-ringer for her.

5A Nearly Identical Father and Son

Redditor Sgt-Yu posted the above photo with the caption, "My father passed when I was 4, but people always told me that I looked like him." You do!

6Lookalikes 30 Years Apart

A father and son 30 years apart with their favorite cartoon character t-shirts and modes of transportation.

7Father and Son Dopplegangers

A grumpy dad and his son as toddlers.

8A Model Mother and Daugther

Mother and daughter model lookalikes, Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber.

9An Actress and Her Nearly Identical Child

While Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson are maybe ten years apart in age in these photos, they do almost like the same person.

10Twins Over Generations

Louis Beckstrom (born 1917) and great-grandson Mathew Beckstrom (born 1995).

11A Lookalike Niece and Her Great Aunt

While not a parent/child relationship, the likeness is still uncanny—Great-grand-aunt Ida (b. 1898) and great-grand-niece Caroline (age 34).

12A Woman and Her Victorian-Era Grandmother

The likeness is uncanny, isn't it?