10 Extreme Anti-Cheating Techniques

At Belgium's Thomas More College in Antwerp, teachers are allegedly using DJI Phantom drones equipped with GoPro cameras to catch students trying to cheat on exams.

These men are candidates in the state of Bahir for the Indian Army. They were forced to strip down to their underpants before taking the entrance exam. The proctors hoped that this requirement would ensure that no one could cheat by bringing in secret notes or electronic devices.

After getting naked, the 1,159 candidates were seated about 8 feet apart from each other. Uniformed soldiers patrolled the testing area while the candidates took the 1-hour exam.

In 2013, Teachers at Kasetsart University in Thailand came under fire for making their students wear horse blinder-like devices made of paper to prevent them from cheating on their exams.

A photo, showing around 100 students wearing the rudimentary anti-cheating hats, was posted on Facebook by the KU student board, where it got so many negative reactions that it was eventually removed. Unfortunately for the Thai learning institution, it had already been picked up by the media and the negative responses just kept on coming.

Shi Tou / Reuters

More than nine million Chinese students embark every year on the gaokao, a make-or-break college entrance exam described by Xinhua as "the most pressure packed test in the world." This photo, from 2011, shows a member of the staff from the city's command center of education exams watching real time monitors showing students taking the National College Entrance Exams in an attempt to catch cheaters.

Cheating had become a real issue at a middle school in Whuhan, China's Hubei Province, so the teachers came up with the ingenious idea of having kids take tests outdoors, on the school playground.

Cell phones can be used to cheat during tests. This picture demonstrates a way to prevent cheating.

Thailand's Civil Aviation Center makes students wear cardboard boxes on their heads to prevent cheating.

Proactive anti-cheating teacher.

Here, students are using two folders glued together for privacy when they are taking a quiz or a test.

China is known for being a leader in using anti-cheating gadgets. Some universities are even installing metal detectors these days.