10 Must See Celebrity Photobombs

1George Clooney interrupts a hot moment between Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford

Always the funny man, George Clooney never seems to let his celebrity status go to his head.

2Jared Leto's adrenaline rush

After an Oscar night win, Jared Leto couldn't help himself from photobombing Anne Hathaway as she stepped onto the red carpet of the Vanity Fair afterparty.

3Jimmy Fallon and Sesame Street characters photobomb some kids

Brought to you by the word "cute."

4Donald Trump is clueless

When you don't know what to do with your hands in a picture.

5Photobomb turns into photo-bum

When Jay-Z and Bey are in the house, try not to make an ass out of yourself.

6Michael Douglas gets weird around Angie

When you can't join 'em, beat 'em.

7George Clooney may have a second career

George turns boring celeb filled dinner into brilliantly funny photo-op.

8Sir Elton John mugs for the camera

Reddit user PM_Me_Yer_Guitar recently shared a photo of his brother in a restaurant with the singer in the background — the type where you pretend you're posing when really you're only interested in getting a sweet shot of the celebrity in question — but it's pretty clear that Elton is wise to the game.

9Beyonce surprises fan with the photo of her life

A fan was caught taking a selfie at Beyonce's show, so Queen B gave her selfie a little side eye.

10Zack Braff photobombs NYC newlyweds

Photographer Sascha Reinking shot a newly married couple from Germany on vacation in New York City. The pair apparently asked for a "famous" street shot, so she took them to 42nd Street to use Times Square as the backdrop. Unbeknownst to the blissful couple, they got photobombed by no other than Scrubs star Zach Braff.