Do Not Disturb: 15 More Creative Hotel Door Hangers

Seen at Oasis at Gold Spike in Vegas.

Door hanger at the CitizenM hotel at Charles De Gaulle.

The Vegas Downtown Grand Do Not Disturb sign says "Move On" to let housekeepers – and anyone else who dares knock – know you are hungover and should not be bothered.

Haiku door hanger from The Alexander.

Le Parker Meridien in New York.

The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin has a new take on the classic Do Not Disturb sign.

The Jane Hotel in New York City.

Hotel Streym in the Faroe Islands. Your mom would be proud of you.

A Very specific Do Not Disturb sign.

The Library Hotel in New York City has a very aproppriately themed door hanger.

From the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali, a sign fit for a rock star: "Not Now, My Ego Needs A Rest."

Come In/Go Away Ambigram door hanger.

"Needy" door hanger from the Student Hotel.

Another funny Do Not Disturb sign from the Hard Rock.

Sassy Do Not Disturb signs at the Sanctuary Hotel in New York City.