14 More Funny Pinterest Fails

1Chocolate Caramel Mug Cake

Who are we kidding? It's chocolate – we'd eat it anyway!

2Rainbow Pancakes

All the colors of the rainbow – oh, never mind.

3Sleeping Baby

Anyone can see there's something under the rug to elevate the baby's head. It's like they weren't even trying!

4Chick Peep Cake Pops

Judging by this chick peep cake pop attempt, it was a pretty disastrous Easter.

5Cinnamon Roll Waffle

We don't see a fail, we see an explosion of cinnamon goodness.

6Pregnancy Photo

While the second photo is technically a fail, it's pretty cute nonetheless.

7Yarn Easter Eggs

Spinning a great yarn – or not.

8Easter Bunny Pancake

This culinary genius tried to pull a rabbit out of hat, and failed miserably.

9Cookie Monster Cake

A lot less cookie, a little more monster.

10Halloween Pumpkin Treats

This Pinterest attempt was decidedly not too cute to eat.


Namaste? More like NOmaste.

12Tie Dye Pillow

Inspiration plus perspiration equals success – some of the time.

134th of July Nail Art

The Founding Fathers would be appalled in this less than patriotic attempt at nail art.

14Baby Covered in Kisses

Smothered with terrifying kisses.