8 Weird Love Experiments

1Rat “Sex Jacket” Experiment

Victoria's Sec-rat

To see if a rat could learn to associate certain clothing with the act of sex, scientists gave several horny young virgin male rats the chance to have sex with females who were clad in a tiny jacket. Later, when given the opportunity to screw again, the males chose females wearing jackets over their non-jacketed counterparts. They concluded this behavior could explain why men like women in lingerie. “…each time my partner wears lingerie [a jacket], I'm going to have sex," co-author Gonzalo R. Quintana Zunino, said, speaking on behalf of her rat subjects.

2Monkey Love Experiment

Are you my mother?

Dr. Harry Harlow of the University of Wisconsin conducted a series of tests designed to determine if and how monkeys grow emotionally attached to their mothers. In one experiment, monkeys were reared by one of two robot “mothers,” that dispensed milk. One was more cold and mechanical and the other was soft and looked more monkey-like. After the study, monkeys with the cuddly mother were initially less afraid of noises and more well-adjusted. Another of his tests showed that if a baby ape is separated from its mother for the first 9 months, the emotional bond can never be the same. While his tests and methods were thought to be cruel, they were one of the first to explore how emotions play a part in our upbringing.

3Turkey Sexual Attraction Experiment

What gets a turkey hot-and-bothered? Martin Shein and Edgar Hale of the University of Pennsylvania were determined to find out. They started with a complete female turkey replica and continued to remove parts of the turkey, trying to determine when the male would lose interest in trying to get laid. Finally, it got down to just the head on a stick and that turned the turkey on even MORE. The study entitled “Stimuli Eliciting Sexual Behavior “ concluded that freshly severed female heads worked the best, but even a balsa wood head would do in a pinch.

4Sexual Solicitation Experiment

Will you go to bed with me tonight?

It's the stuff of many a sexual fantasy and/or porno: a complete stranger comes up to you and asks you to have sex with them. But what would happen in real life?

Well, the answer wasn't too surprising. In 1978, psychologist Russell Clark asked an attractive man and woman to go up to a member of the opposite sex and say: “I have been noticing you around campus. I find you attractive” and adding either: "Will you go on a date, come over to my apartment, or simply to go bed with me tonight?" While makes and females were about 50/50 into going on a date, just 6% percent of the women agreed to go to the apartment as opposed to 69% of the men; a whopping 75% of the men said yes to the blatant sexual offer, while exactly zero women agreed.

5The 36-Question Experiment

Dr. Arthur Aaron attempted to find out the mechanics of falling in love with an experiment he did in 1996 involving 33 men and women who were strangers and randomly paired. He had the pairs meet and answer 36 questions that went from the mundane to the personal over a 45-minute session. Afterwards, they were instructed to stare each other in the eyes for four minutes. While most of the participants did feel a sense of closeness to this new person, there was a happy surprise: one pair got married six months later and invited the lab to the wedding.

6Teaching a Dolphin to Talk Has Unintended Outcome

In 1965, scientist John C. Lilly wanted to see if he could teach a dolphin to understand and communicate in English. To do this, he had a 23-year-old female assistant named Margaret Howe to live with Peter, a dolphin, in the Caribbean for 10 weeks. The house was filled with 22 inches of seawater on the first floor, so they could interact all the time. At first Margaret tried to teach Peter to mimic words, with very little success. However, it appeared that Peter was “hot for teacher” as he quickly began attempting to woo her. Finally, Peter showed Margaret his erect dolphin penis; Margaret later admitted to having a “close encounter” with the dolphin. Funding for the project dried up and Margaret moved away and on with her life. Peter, however, died of a broken heart.

7The Smelly T-Shirt Experiment

In 1995, geneticist Dr. Claus Wedekind wanted to find out how the odor of men turned women on. He had several different men sleep in t-shirts for 2 nights. Then, these odors were presented to women participants who were asked to choose the ones that were most pleasant. The study showed that women selected odors from men who were genetically dissimilar to them, a natural “sniff test,” if you will. However, when these women started taking birth control pills, these preferences reversed.

8Love on a Suspension Bridge

Dr. Arthur Aron (see #5) did another unusual love experiment, this one involving a sexy woman and a bridge. With fellow researcher Don Dutton, he conducted a study using the Capilano Suspension Bridge, located in British Columbia. They had an attractive woman ask men who had just crossed the tall, scenic bridge to write a brief story based on a picture given to them; afterwards, the woman offered her phone number for further discussion. Then they did the same thing by a lower, sturdier bridge nearby. Nine of 18 men who crossed the Capilano later called the number, whereas only 2 of 18 who crossed the lower bridge called. The researchers also noted more sexual imagery in the Capilano Bridge-crossers' stories. The experiment suggested that the men were misplacing the physical exertion and/or fear from crossing the suspension bridge to that of sexual excitement for the woman. “If you want someone to be attracted to you, you may want to arrange to do something that's a little bit exciting or scary,” Dr. Aron concluded.