11 Most Ironic Ways to Die

Everybody does it, some in a more ironic fashion then others. Here's Oddee's list of 11 sardonic deaths.

1Woman Dies at Her Own Funeral

Talk about a rude awakening! Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov of Kazan, Russia woke up to find herself in the middle of her own funeral. The woman had been declared dead of a heart attack and family and friends were gathered over her open coffin. She began screaming and was immediately rushed back to the hospital. Unfortunately, she only lived another 10 minutes.

2Plane Crash Kills 3 Inside a Flight Simulator

A flight simulation ended with a harsh dose of reality when a Beechcraft King Air 200, taking off in Wichita, Kansas, lost power and crashed into a Kansas Flight Safety building. In addition to the pilot, three people who were practicing flight safety inside a flight simulator also perished.

3Man Drowns at Lifeguard Party

It's ironic enough that someone would drown at a party for lifeguards, but the even stranger twist is that they were celebrating the first drowning-free season in memory.

Four lifeguards were indeed on duty when Jerome Moody was found fully clothed at the bottom of a New Orleans Recreation Department pool. One hundred lifeguards had been celebrating along with 100 other guests. (Jerome, who was seen swimming in his clothes, was not a lifeguard.)

4Lawyer Trying To Prove Building Window Unbreakable, Crashes Through It

Gary Hoy was a flashy lawyer who liked to show off to prospective interns. On July 9, 1993 in front of a group of articling students, he flung himself against a window at the top of the Toronto-Dominion Centre to prove that is was unbreakable. This was a gag Hoy liked to pull off every year; however, this time the window frame itself became dislodged, causing Mr. Hoy to autodefenestrate in front of the horrified group.

5Segway Owner Dies in Segway Crash

Irony with a bit of schadenfreude: the British owner of the Segway company, Jim Heselden, died after driving off a cliff atop one.

Mr. Heselden had been riding one of the company's two-wheeled Human Transporters when it is speculated he lost control and plunged 42 feet to his death.

6Woman Dies While Listening to "Happy" and...

The final Status Update

There's so much irony and so much to be learned from this tragic story. Courtney Ann Sanford was killed in an auto accident after taking a selfie and posting it to Facebook while driving. The ironic part is she was listening to Pharrell Williams' hit “Happy” and posting “The Happy song makes me HAPPY.” Seconds later, she hit a recycling truck head-on; her car burst into flames and hit a tree.

Police were initially unclear about what had caused the crash (no drugs or alcohol were present) until her friends informed them of the Facebook post.

7Former Death Row Prisoner Accidentally Electrocutes Himself

Lawrence Baker, convicted of first-degree murder in a 1979 killing, had been saved from Death Row in 1987 and re-sentenced to life in the general population. However, that didn't stop him from being electrocuted in a chair (actually his own aluminum cell toilet).

Baker had been watching TV and using a homemade pair of headphones when he sat on the john. Apparently the jerry-rigged wiring short circuited, and gave him a deadly zap. (Another ex-Death Row inmate, Michael Anderson, suffered a similar fate).

8Politician Dies In Staged Stabbing Intended to Arouse Sympathy

In 1979, Nitaro Ito was an aspiring politician for Japan's House of Representatives, but was not doing well in the polls. He felt he needed a stunt to arouse sympathy and hopefully gain more votes. Ito decided to instruct an employee to throw a punch him, and then he would stab himself in the leg to add to the drama.

Unfortunately, this dirty trick turned out to be a deadly trick – during the pseudo-attack, Ito accidentally cut a major artery in his own leg and quickly bled to death.

9J.I. Rodale, First Proponent of Organic Foods, Dies of Heart Attack

Jerome, are you OK?

J.I. Rodale was once the earliest champions of organic foods. He was also very suspicious of traditional medicine, and invented many organic “cures” for ailments including polio.

On June 7, 1971 Rodale appeared on the Dick Cavett show, boasting he had “decided to live to a hundred” and that he “never felt better.” However, while sitting on the couch while Cavett was interviewing a second guest, Rodale suffered a heart attack and died on the air at the age of 72.

10Man Dies In a Motorcycle Ride Protesting Helmets

Phillip A. Contos was against mandatory helmet laws, so he joined a protest ride of 550 others to show how he felt. During the ride, Contos fishtailed and flew over the handlebars of his Harley and into the cement. The doctors concluded had he been wearing a helmet, he would have survived.

11BASE Jumper Dies While Paying Tribute to Dead Friend

Es por ti, Álvaro

BASE jumping (parachuting from a fixed structure or cliff) is considered an extremely dangerous sport, with 242 deaths since 1981. Two of those fatalities were Álvaro Bultó Sagnier, a Spanish actor who died while BASE jumping in the Alps, and celebrity chef Darío Barrio. Barrio was killed while performing a similar stunt that killed Sangier, which was intended as an honor to his late friend.