12 Weirdest Retro Recipes

1Seafood Mousse

Look at it, smiling up at you, daring you to eat it.

2The Aspic Aquarium

Like eating a chunk of the ocean with a dollop of mayo.

3The "Meat-za"

Nothing says '70s cuisine more than a pizza made with ground beef crust and a can of tomato soup.  

4The Californian Jello Ring

When I think of California, prunes, ice cream, and an unidentifiable gelatinous brown mold come to mind.

5Cup Steak Puddings

When we first saw this ad, we read "Atora" as "aorta" and thought these looked like cross sections of an artery. In reality, they are beef suet tarts or beef fat pastries, which sound just as appetizing.

6Prawn Stuffed Apples

Are these shrimp burying their olives in these apples or attacking them? Either way, it's not good.

7The Treasure Chest Salad

The stomach churning buried "treasure" included within? Fruit and mayonnaise.

8The Party Sandwich Loaf

We're half hoping this Cold War staple – the party sandwich loaf – makes a comeback someday, but hopefully with a little less mayo next time around.

9The Perfection Salad

A loose – and we mean very loose – definition of the words "perfection" and "salad."

10Deviled Lettuce

A salad concocted by Satan himself.

11Chicken In A Tux

Far less revolting, but weird nonetheless and therefore deserving of a spot on our list. This stylish chicken comes completely with boutonniere and would make a lovely prom date.

12The Liver Sausage Pineapple

The ingredients of this culinary nightmare include liver sausage, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and mayonnaise which are formed around a jelly jar and then frosted with a concoction of (more) mayonnaise and gelatin in a Pineapple-flavored icing. Oddly, a real pineapple top is added to complete the look, while the edible part of the pineapple appears to be discarded.