8 Weird (and Legal) Ways People Make $$ With Their Bodies Online

1Brain: Songwriter Writes Songs on Trending Topics, Earns $23,000

Sgt. Pepper it ain't...

This is a songwriter who has used his brain to make $23,000 in music sales, which is quite a lot given the state of today's music industry.

Matt Farley has written 14,000 songs and released 500 albums on iTunes and Spotify. The way he makes so much money is by writing songs around trending internet topics, like popular celebrities, movies, and even poop. For example, he's written a song called “Will You Go to the Prom With Me ____” and has a version for hundreds of different names. Because of the sheer volume of tunes and catchy titles, he's amassed this bit of cash, no matter how crappy the songs are. Speaking of crap, here's a video of one of his songs called “Poop”!

2Thumbs: Videogamer Plays Minecraft, Earns Millions

His name is Joseph Garrett, but to millions of 14-year-olds he's known as Stampylonghead. Using just his thumbs (OK – and eyes and brain) he plays Minecraft while recording a full length video of his games along with cheery commentary in his thick British accent and then uploads them to YouTube. Because he is so good at the game, his videos have earned millions of hits and millions of dollars from the ads placed before the video begins. He's just 23 years old and he's already quit his day job and raking in the cash. (Recently another gamer PewDePie also claimed a similar feat.) Here's one of Stumpy's Minecraft adventures that has over 4 million views:

3Mouth: Woman Makes $9000/mo Eating Food for Gastro Voyeurs

“The Diva” in action

Park Seo-yeon of South Korea is another person making money off of YouTube videos. In this case, she is using her mouth (and stomach) simply eating mounds of food. She is known as “The Diva” and has a following of people in South Korea known as “gastro voyeurs” who like to watch people eat.

Because of her popularity, she quit her full-time consulting job and now eats for 3 hours a day. She's not alone, as there are some 3,500 other pro eaters in South Korea and some are sponsored by restaurants. Watch her gorge below!

4Hair: Woman Sells Hair Online for $4000

Yerga, before she became $4000 richer

Hippies looking to make a buck might want to take a look at Hairwork.com, which claims to be the first US-based website for selling hair. One woman, Debra Yerga, sold 31 inches of her goldie locks for 4 grand. Natural human hair is popular for wigs and Hairwork.com was just the first of many sites offering buyers and sellers a chance to trade locks for bucks. If you've got long hair, or would like some mailed to you for whatever reason, this may be the place to satisfy that need.

5Face: Kids Rented Out Their Face Space To Pay Debts

Intrepid Brits Ross Harper and Ed Moyse attempted to rid themselves of their student debt with just a makeup pencil and their face. They created BuyMyFace.com in October 2011, and sold advertising on their mugs for a full year. They started out charging just one British Pound (approx $1.67 US) but the face space soon skyrocketed to US $600. The site is down now and the kids have moved on to other entrepreneurial ideas but reportedly made $50,000 US dollars towards their $80,000 debt.

6“Naughty Bits”: Selling Used Panties

If only Ross and Ed were female, they could probably eliminate the rest of their debt by participating in this wacky venture: selling used panties. Yes, there's a fetish for everything, and apparently there are people who crave the touch and smell of a pair of ladies undergarments. That's the idea “behind” sellpantiesformoney.com – where any resourceful lady can put their dirty knickers up for sale. One woman who goes by the name “Mia” has made $33,000 from wearing panties for a few hours and then putting them in the post. She charges extra for “skid marks” (ewww!) which seem to be very popular with buyers. TMI...!

7Torso: Man Wears a New T-Shirt Every Day, Makes $500,000 Per Year

Ok, this is less disgusting. Jason Sadler made a cool half million a year just by switching up T-Shirts with a different company logo every day. He started out in 2009 charging $1 for January 1 all the way up to $365 for Jan 31. The first year was so successful ($70,000) he expanded his t-shirt wearing team and continued for several years, reportedly making $500,000 per. In 2012, he auctioned off his last name, changing it to Jason Headsets.com for $45,000.

Iwearyourshirt.com is currently “in relaunch” but if you'd like to be a part of his lucrative t-shirt wearing clan, you can fill out the form here.

8Soul: Man Sells Himself to Investors for $1 a Share

A couple of the decisions made by the board

This is a bargain even Satan himself might approve: in 2008, Mike Merrill divided his “soul” into 100,000 shares and sold them for $1 each. He gave people voting rights about all the personal decisions of his life, including whether he should invest in a Rwandan chicken farmer (“yes”) or get a vasectomy ("no”). Of course living by popular opinion of shareholders may be OK for a corporation, but for an actual human being it can be difficult and eventually his girlfriend Willow, who was also a major shareholder, divested and broke up with him. Shares in KMikeyM are still available as we speak (currently priced around $5) and you can participate in all his life's decisions, too in his experiment he calls “Community Through Capitalism.”

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