13 Perfectly Timed Photos of Animals

Texan Eli Martinez was stunned by this close encounter while he was diving in the Caribbean off the coast of the Bahamas. His friend documented the moment a lemon shark swam straight towards him with fin outstretched, connecting with his hand.

An experienced diver, Mr Martinez insists the picture is for real and said he was never in any danger from the normally ferocious breed of shark.

A colony of Caribbean flamingos spontaneously arrange themselves into the shape of one giant flamingo in Yucatan, Mexico.

Photographer, Bobby Haas, explained he had spent half an hour photographing flamingos in their natural habitat from the air and was ready to head home. Yet, just as the helicopter turned to leave he noticed the flamingos created this unusual formation.

The Centaur bride.

Lunch time.

Naughty monkey.

Praying otter.

Looks like he wants to audition to be the next Meow Mix superstar.

What are the chances of a dragonfly posing on your dragonfly tattoo? Probably one in a million.

Nothing to see here, just a stork making a delivery.

Weird eye.

Newborn Yoda.

Perfectly timed cat.