10 Coolest Pillowcases

If you're going to have people in and out of your bed, you'd better keep track of their names and phone numbers. You never know when you might need to follow up with them after a not-so-routine visit to the doctor. All kidding aside, I really wouldn't recommend that anyone place the Sign In Here Pillowcases on their bed. Any smart person would see these, grab their clothes, and run right out of the joint. Right? Maybe I'm just old, but not old enough to suggest that you put them out, unless you really want to see your mom and dad freak.

Next time someone turns you down, leave them a message they won't soon forget with this amazing horse head pillow case!

If you've ever dreamed about being on a magazine cover… let's say this is the next best thing. These magazine cover pillowcases have a youthful feel about them and can turn out to be a fun and inspired present for all your “fashionable” friends.

These designs can transform their users into Esquire, Playboy, Vogue and even Times personalities, since the person on the cover is missing, thereby allowing the pillowcase's owner to become the star of the evening. Sleeping like a media personality may not actually occur, but it is worth giving it a shot.

Not in the mood to get it on? Say it with sheets! These Screw Me, Silly/Dream On . . . Pillowcases ($24) from Etsy seller Crumbson use fancy embroidery to communicate your true desires. I love that "screw me, silly" could be read as "screw me silly" without the comma. Either way, some nights sleep wins.

If you're searching for a devilishly naughty gift for a loved one then you can't beat these couple “Sexiest number of all time!” pillowcases! You can both have a piece of the naughty number 69 – extremely fun and hilarious to show any guests, yet excellent to reveal the devil in you to your partner!

Move over Slanket, I need to make room on the couch for the HoodiePillow. A pillow with a built-in hoodie might sound weird, but give it a chance. You never knew you wanted a blanket with sleeves until your QVC obsessed great aunt got you one last Christmas, and now you only take it off occasionally for bathroom breaks and when you go out to get the mail, occasionally. The HoodiePillow Pillowcase combines the most comfortable piece of clothing known to man with the most comfortable thing on your bed.

This is for the bed-hogger in your life. One half is 75% of the bed, and the other a measly 25%.

These would make a great gift for parents with new babies in their house. The pillowcases are embroidered with "On Duty" on one side, "Off Duty" on the other. Whether they will really help with an equitable division of labor remains to be seen, but they are funny.

Plonk your sleepy head on one side of the pillow to transform your face into that of a soundproofed snoozing road worker, blissfully unaware of the city buzz all around you. On the reverse side of this pillow set you get a couple of comedy cartoon fingers sticking in your ears – just what you need when you are trying to shut your mind off to those irritating city noises and catch 40 winks.

Women, cash, cars, beach vacation... men love all of these. Now you can get all of those things that you desire... but only in your dreams..