10 Craziest New Asian Products

1Edible iPhone Case

Straight from (you guessed it) Japan is the world's first and hopefully last Edible iPhone Case. This $85 case (yes that says eighty five dollars) is made out of rice crackers which makes it edible- technically. It's also super fragile. Of course, when pieces of the case do break off you can eat them, so it's not a total loss. You might, however, want to ignore the fact that you just ate some $85 rice cracker chunks with a pocket lint topping.

2Buddha Shaped Pears

Buddha Pears, found at a supermarket in Beijing, China, are undoubtedly delicious. The problem is that you have to eat them before they wake up and devour your entire family at night.

3iPad Screen Cleaning Robot

Is it so difficult to take a cloth and wipe off your screen? Yes it is- we need automated help with that. Meet Auto Mee S from Takara Tomy, the screen cleaning mini-robot. This tiny DJ Roomba-like device moves around on top of your smartphone or iPad and cleans the screen. Underneath the Auto Mee S's palm-sized body is a rotating cleaning pad (replaceable) and the wheels so it can scoot around on top of your device. It has edge detecting capabilities so it stays on your screen without rolling off. This 100% necessary device sells for $21 plus shipping from Japan.


Chinese passers-by are surprised to see self-styled Chinese inventor Li Yongli's latest unicycle on a Beijing street. Li rode the prototype around the Chinese capital on a Sunday in order to attract investors to commercialize his design, which he called The Number One Car in the World.

5Bag that Turns into Underwear

Here we have yet another crazy invention; I am talking about an ecological/reusable bag made using origami and furoshiki technology. It is a multiple use bag that can transform itself into a bra and panties set. Did you forget your bag at home? No problem, because if you are a girl then you can “wear” the bag!

6"Wake me Up at My Stop" Lens

A Japanese guy has invented a new super-gadget that helps him inform his fellow train passengers about his destination. Thanks to this gadget we will be able to sleep without having to worry about waking up because our fellow travelers will hopefully wake us up when we arrive at the correct station.

7USB Leg Warmer

If regular ol' leg warmers aren't enough to keep your legs warm, you could always wear USB heated leg warmers. The leg warmers by Japanese company Thanko are powered by USB cables and use a carbon heater to keep your legs toasty. Whether or not leg warmers are in again is a debate I'll leave to the fashion experts, but I would guess that any clothing that plugs into your computer is definitely out. With that said, why not just make heated sweatpants? You already don't care about your appearance if you're rocking these at the coffee shop while blogging, so why not go all out? In fact, why not make a USB heated Forever Lazy? Oh right, because all of the heat would escape as soon as you opened the poop flap.

8The Infidelity Phone

Got a cheatin' heart? Better ditch that iPhone and get yourself the phone of choice for adulterers: the Fujitsu F-Series flip phones. Sure, you can lock your smartphone, and there are apps that can erase text messages and call history, but the genius of these flip phones - nicknamed the "uwaki keitai" or "infidelity phone" is that they have a "private mode" that hides incoming calls and messages.

Fujitsu's "privacy mode" is a layer of nearly invisible security that hides missed calls, emails and text messages from contacts designated as private. If one of those acquaintances gets in touch, the only signal of that communication is a subtle change in the color or shape of how the battery sign or antenna bars are displayed. If ignored, the call doesn't appear in the phone log.

The changes are so subtle that it would be impossible to spot with an untrained eye. When the privacy mode is turned off through a secret combination of keys, the concealed calls and messages appear, and voice mail becomes accessible.

9Fauxgina Panties (NSFW)

These are panties with lady parts on the front. They're from Japan. SURPRISE! I have to assume they were designed by someone who has only seen a naked lady through the static on Cinemax. Of course there are vagina panties, because we've all been there: you're panty shopping at Victoria's Secret and just can't seem to find the perfect drawers. You try on a pair or two that are fine, sure. But they're just missing that — how do you say? Je ne sais vagina.


Just when you thought a spork couldn't get any sporkier, designer Masami Takahashi of Japan's Sugakiya ramen noodle restaurant goes and blows the competition out of the water. You know, the spork competition. Oh come on, the spork competition? You know that's a thing! This spoon/fork combo was created to ensure that you get the appropriate ratio of noodles to soup into your mouth. Well well well, this is prettyyy clever.