8 Coolest Spy Gadgets

Espionage is everywhere, so don't think for a moment that the beer can in the street gutter isn't collecting your information.

Here are eight of the coolest spy gadgets that will make you think twice about who you talk to...

1Shoe Bug

No, it isn't Agent Smart's phone. It's a bug that was placed inside an intercepted pair of shoes to listen in on conversations back in the day. Apparently, the CIA would intercept a pair of shoes going through post, then place a bug and transmitter in the heel to track conversations.

No wonder barefoot hippies don't trust the feds.

2Water Cooler Sensors

It isn't Gatorade inside this cooler, so don't dump it over your coach's head after your next win.

Israael reportedly used a water cooler fitted with sensors in it to survey certain landscapes while spying against Hezbollah.

3Dragonfly Spy

The first insect-sized aerial vehicle (insectothopter, developed to explore intelligence collection via miniature devices). The CIA's R&D team created the bug in the 70s, and it became the first flight of an aerial vehicle the size of an insect.

Next time a pesky dragonfly is humming over your shoulder, deny everything.

4Cross Camera

This cross from a spy camera wholesaler snaps photos and records video. It can capture content with a lens coverage of 90 degrees, and download it straight to your computer. You can even record video for a full two hours before the battery starts to go!

Just pray that you won't have to use this ... or have it used on you.

5Peephole Reverser

Used by spies and law enforcement, the peephole reverser lets you see what's going on behind closed doors. Equipped with a special lens to negate the effect of a peephole.

Just make sure you REALLY want to see what's going on behind that closed door...

6Video Camera Pen

It looks like your average black ballpoint pen, but guess what? -- it's got you on camera! This mini camera records both video and audio, and can operate in -10 degree Fahrenheit weather!

Forget about writing; let the pen video and voice record everything for you!

7Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

The CIA uses this to study aquatic robot technology, so forget about trying to hook it for dinner.

The robo-fish, "Charlie," was developed by the CIA's Office of Advanced Technologies and Programs. The Unmanned Underwater Vehicle contains a communications system in it and is controlled by a wireless radio handset.

8Tree Stump Bug

Used by the CIA in the 1970s to capture information from Moscow. The agency used it to listen in on conversations, and it proved successful ... until KGB agents discovered it.