10 Old-Timey Pictures of Chimpanzees Acting Like People

Everyone loves chimps--probably because they're adorable, hilarious, often silly, and resemble humans just enough to remind us of ourselves. Here are some wonderful stock photos showing the adorable results of what happens when chimps are encouraged to be even more human-like.

Though he looks like quite the classy gentleman, that li'l guy must be bananas to smoke in this day and age.

With enough practice, anyone can become a chess grandmaster, even a contemplative monkey looking to make his next move. Check (pri)mate?

This chimp has the swagger and sense to don a monocle -- but its purpose remains unknown. Still, style points are awarded.

In need of a little help with some of the more mundane tasks? Get some monkey business done. We hear they're nit-picky, also known as detail-oriented.

You don't want to get into it with a chimpanzee, or risk being pummeled by his powerful, aimless right hook. Survival of the fittest taken to new, bizarre extremes.

He'll have his people talk to your people… if he ever leaves the beach.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, and this chimp is a Picasso in the making… or maybe more of a Pollock.

You're fired.

A chimpanzee blowing his horn is music to someone's ears. Just make sure to stand far, far away.

Chimp Santa doesn't care if you're naughty or nice. Just leave him a plate of bananas, or you may not be able to get him to climb down off your tree.