10 Best Anti-Texting / Phoning Campaigns

Kick the habit. Anti-texting campaign.

Absolutely gruesome, but effective? This is the first time we've seen the safety message aimed—not at the blabbing driver—but at the enabling talkee. The campaign is via India for the Bangalore Traffic Police by the Mumbai ad agency the Mudra Group. The retouching work is not the best, but the ads do get the message across as plain as the digital blood on their faces.

Churches have a say on texting and driving, too. And it's awesome.

Pannon Telecom's campaign against mobile calls while driving.

BMW joined the safety fight with a national anti-distracted driving campaign called, "Don't Text and Drive: When the engine starts, the texting stops .”

The Cinema Ninjas will scare you into setting your phone to silent.

You're in a movie. Your phone rings. Just as you get to the part of the conversation where you explain that you're at the movies and it's totally rude to talk on your phone right now, a ninja comes to shut you up. Granted, the "ninja" is just a volunteer wearing a bodysuit who gets paid in free admission, and this particular scenario will only happen in one theater in London. However, we're kind of hoping it catches on.

LA restaurant offers a discount for dining without your phone.

It's become part of the restaurant table setting: knife, fork, napkin and cell phone. Distracted dining is the new norm with customers constantly texting friends, tweeting an Instagram photo of the meal they're about to chow down, or emailing the boss. For many smart-phone users, it's hard just to focus on the meal and company at hand.

Now, one restaurant in Los Angeles is giving diners a reason to turn off the digital world by offering a 5 percent discount to customers who are willing to check their phones at the door. Owner/chef Mark Gold of Eva Restaurant, located on Beverly Boulevard near N. Gardner Street, hopes this gives customers a way to truly sit back and relax, enjoy their meal and actually talk to friends and family in-person.

Brake: Don't Text And Drive. Advertising Agency: Blue Hive, London, UK.

The Ad Council launched a national public service campaign about the dangers of texting while driving. The multi-media campaign includes TV, radio, outdoor advertising, and online banner ads. One- fourth of the overall production budget was allocated for out-of-home media, and nearly 800 billboards have been ordered.

AT&T anti-texting campaign to raise awareness.