10 Unbelievable Scenes of Cars Hit From Above

Are all of you folks wondering how that rock smashed this poor Toyota Yaris? Apparently, a lorry loaded with rocks accidentally dropped the 8 ton stone on the small car. "The driver said he looked in his mirror and saw the rock slipping but it was on the car before he could do anything. If anyone had been in it, they would not have stood a chance," said a photographer who saw the whole thing. The good news is that the Yaris was parked, but the bad news came after the driver saw it.

Diana Durre of Chambers, Nebraska died after a 75-foot (23 m) Taco Bell sign fell on top of the truck cab she was in. The pole broke at a welded joint about 15 feet (4.5 m) above the ground owing to strong winds. The sign fell right on top of the quad-cab pickup. Diana was meeting a Wyoming couple to sell them some dogs. They had agreed to meet in North Platte, Nebraska at about 1 p.m., “right underneath the big Taco Bell sign.” North Platte's Animal Control Division took two Yorkie dogs to the shelter. The Wyoming couple showed up after the accident.

A giant Nike soccer ball falls on top of a car and completely destroys its body. The ball was hanging on the top of a store, in front of which the car was parked, when suddenly the support loosened and the ball fell on the car.

From the film called "The Other Guys".

Was this a new AC installation for the car gone wrong? Actually, a hurricane ripped an enormous air-conditioning unit off a stadium-style convention center and deposited it, Wizard of Oz style, on top of this car. (thanks J. Lorenz).

This is why you don't want to use your phone while driving! Bizarre accident between cell phone and Mercedes in Russia.

This gigantic fork fell from the sky and struck this red car.

Flying boat.

Giant muffin crushes car.

This looks like a weird accident but it's actually a street art installation by D'Face on Brick Lane in London.