7 Amazing Animals Rescuing Other Animals (Caught on Video)

1Battle at Kruger – Baby Buffalo Saved By Herd

This is perhaps the most epic battle/rescue ever spontaneously captured on video. A baby buffalo is captured first by a pride of lions, then attacked by a pair of crocodiles. But the mama buffalo and her herd won't stand for it, and they charge in and save the baby. It's a scene you won't soon forget.

2Dog Rescues Dog From Highway in Chile

This has to be seen to be believed. A dog is hit while trying to cross a busy highway in Chile. As the dog lies motionless, another dog spots his fellow canine and risks death to save him. Both dogs survived.

3Elephants Rescue Drowning Baby Elephant

Elephants are known for their intelligence and compassion. Here is an amazing video of a herd of female elephants banding together to help a baby, which had become stuck in the mud.

4Baby Pig Rescues Baby Goat

This wins the award for cutest rescue. A baby goat goes in too deep and begins bleating for help. After a moment, a hero baby pig swims in, pushing the little guy to shore.

5Hippo Saves Impala From Crocodile Jaws

This is the only video with an unhappy ending, but it's still a beautiful story. An impala is attacked by a croc and badly injured. Suddenly, a hippo appears on the scene and scares the crocodile off. The hippo, a herbivore, brings the animal to shore and begins what looks like an attempt to resuscitate the impala.

6Female Lion Saves Human From Male Lion

Since humans are animals, we'll include this video of one of man's natural predators saving a human from certain death. A caged lion suddenly turns on one of its trainers and would be lunch in a matter of seconds. His female counterpart, however, quickly leaps to the rescue, saving the man's hide.

7Labrador Rescues Dogs in Canoe

A canoe gets loose with two older dogs aboard, heading down the rushing river. Luckily, a smart Labrador retriever dives in, grabs the rope with its teeth and steers the boat to shore.