10 Coolest Treadmills

1Wall Climbing Treadmill

In an expression of the Sisyphean human condition, you can now climb up a wall and never reach the top. The Treadwall offers a 4-foot wide climbing surface and angles from +5 to -20 degrees.

2Pool Treadmill

If you can't make it to the gym, you can always exercise in the pool. However, this device is a bit unusual for the work out crowd. The Pool Treadmill is described as a "portable swim current generator...[with a] powerful 24-volt DC motor [that] produces 80 ft. lbs. of thrust and a maximum speed of 6 M.P.H." Basically, it's like swimming against an ocean current, except you're in a pool! Just roll the unit to the edge of your pool, lower it into the water, and get your exercise on. Its two rechargeable 12-volt batteries provide power to the propeller, and you can select different current speeds for the best workout. Unfortunately, going to the beach is way cheaper; the Pool Treadmill sells for $3,999.95 at Hammacher.com.

3Underwater Treadmill

Hydro training has advantages for athletes across all levels of fitness. It has been shown that water-based exercise enables an improvement of strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Athletes' load on joints and specific muscular points is decreased. As the future of performance training, this contemporary exercise environment allows the user to train to a high level while at the same time minimising body stress.

4Treadmill Desk

While you're sitting and staring at your computer all day, wouldn't it be nice to be able to actually stand up, stretch and keep working upright or take a leisurely stroll while still staying productive? The revolutionary new Sit-To-Walkstation gives you the options to sit, stand or walk at the push of a button!

This innovative and paradigm-shifting office workstation is the first of its kind to combine an electric height-adjustable desk with a low speed commercial grade treadmill. This low speed commercial grade treadmill features a quiet, high torque motor that lets you walk at speeds up to 2 mph with 0.1 mph speed adjustments. It's slow enough to let you concentrate on the work at hand or even talk on the phone, but fast enough to energize you, burn a few calories and keep you fit and healthy.

5Rolling Treadmill

The guys over at dutch design firm OOOMS came up with a very interesting contraption. Looking like a treadmill on wheels, the Speedy Rollator uses a special gear drive system to multiply your walking efforts and increase your pace. While you won't look quite as cool as a hipster tooling around on his Segway, you might end up getting there just as quickly.

6Hamster Wheel Treadmill

The Human Hamster Wheel is an interactive treadmill in which runners grasp sensory handles while running to view their heart rate, feet per second, and other health-related statistics.

7Treadmill with a View

Losing those holiday pounds can be a chore, especially in colder climates where it's just too cold to be outside riding a bike or jogging. Shoveling snow is no fun and certainly not something we hope to do every day, so these awesome treadmills with interactive TV screens are really cool to use. It's a little out of my price range though, but maybe I can talk the local gym owner into trying one of these out. I bet it would be really popular with his clients.

8Goldfish Treadmill

We all have heard about treadmills to exercise our dogs and cats, but how about our goldfish? Mick Madden, a metal worker from Huddersfield, has invented a goldfish walker so he can take his pets Malcolm and Ethel out for a stroll.

9Hot Air Balloon Treadmill

To raise money for heart disease research, Rob Ginnivan ran a half marathon not through but over Canberra, Australia. He placed a treadmill in a hot air balloon and took off. The run was especially challenging because he had to make short strides and the basket tilted at different angles. Mr. Ginnivan's right leg seized up during his last two kilometres, as the tilt of the basket had him effectively running up hill, but he said he was delighted to complete the feat in a time of 2 hours and 18 minutes. A veteran of 18 marathons on six continents, Mr Ginnivan said before taking off that the biggest challenge of running in midair would be taking small steps when he was used to being able to stride out.

10Treadmill on Billboard

Some ad campaigns are just brilliant. Why waste thousands on mediocre advertisements if you can spend just as much money on a creative approach. This Nike ad campaign promoting their treadmills is one of those campaigns that just can't help but inspire.

They have placed interactive billboards around the world. In each billboard anyone could run a built-in treadmill. For every kilometer run, Nike promised to donate a certain amount to UNICEF. Fun, no?