10 Hilarious Hipster Mustaches

Hipsters are so ironically cool. So cool, in fact, that they have their own brand of facial hair, which is probably the most important accessory when it comes to hipsters. But it's more than just the so-called "ironic mustache" that grows on hipsters. They take it a step further to turn their facial hair into a commercial trend. But, of course, that would make all hipsters clean-shaven.

We're not saying that women couldn't grow mustaches if they really wanted to; they could probably make it happen. We are saying that hipster chicks don't need to grow mustaches to sport them, which they frequently do. But we often wonder what the hipster dudes think when they take out a hipster chick for drinks and see the Pabst Blue Ribbon foam in her 'stache.

The edible kind, which may or may not taste like PBR. Hipsters can get food stuck in their ironic mustaches … but can they ironically get their mustaches stuck in food?

The anti-Hipster. Some people get so fed up with hipsters that they destroy all hipster mustaches with their own diesel 'stache.

The baby strongman mustache. Because we all know that babies need mustaches to be cooler than they already are, right?

The Olympian Hipster Mustache. Go all out. Get crazy. Compete for your mustache. But whatever you do, don't win the gold -- make your own. And make it out of copper.

The celebrity stache. Because celebrities aren't cool enough. Plus, they want to look just as poor as all the other wealthy hipsters.

The stache-beard combo. Partly scraggly isn't enough. To get the whole effect, some hipsters just do away with razors completely because, ya know, they're so unneeded, man.

The Amish Or Hipster facial hair. Yes, an entire site dedicated to the fact that Amish people, who build everything themselves, resemble hipsters, who want to look like they build everything themselves. Now that's a mustache that's actually earned its irony.

Hipster's best friend. You're only cool if you have a dog as your friend.

Finally: a hipster mustache is actually useful. Even if it's cracking a bottle of PBR. Not a can.