10 Wackiest Wigs

The great news is that no one has to be left out. "Aw, John, you know I'd love to dress up as a pony at work, but there aren't enough wigs to go around." No siree. Etsy seller Erin has made many wigs, including ones with obscure characters such as Snips, Snails and Cadence.

When you have a pile of Lego bricks, the only limit is your imagination. Though I can't say I would ever have thought to use them to fashion a wig. However, technically, these wigs made from Legos are more helmets than hair. I wouldn't mind trading my crazy mess of tangles and split ends for these blocky designs once in a while. Instead of washing it, I could just dust it. I wouldn't even need to brush it. They are appealing.

Attention Wolverine fans! Slash away your pretty boy image and toughen up your look with the Wolverine Wig & Dog Tag set from the NeatoShop. This fantastic 2-piece set is perfect for quickly transforming yourself into a hunky mutant. Chicks really dig the mutton chop sideburns.

Get a fun and fanciful wig for your cat! Available in electric blue, silver, blonde, and pink.

Sarah Palin's New and Folksy ‘do.

Rapunzel—or, y'know, Lady Gaga—would have been prudent to take notes when CuldeSac and Studio Marisol held their hair-raising workshop at the Centre International de Recherche et d'Education Culturelle et Agricole (C.I.R.E.C.A) in Summer 2010. With the natural splendor of the Domaine de Boisbuchet as a backdrop, the Spanish design studio and professional hairdressing academy taught their charges how to cut, tease, weave, and shape human follicles beyond their typical parameters.

DIY yarn wig.

While this pillowig promises functionality, it really ranks up there as weird. Worn on top of your head it allows you to take a quick nap anywhere you want, if you don't mind sleeping while others stare…

And that's how Bieber became a star.