12 Wackiest Louis Vuitton Copycats

Looking to make your waffles a little less home-style and a little more Louis Vuitton? Well then, the Louis Vuitton waffle maker is just what you need to spruce up your outdated waffle wardrobe.

Everything is going ‘designer' these days from toys, Ipod covers, stationery, furniture, vibrators and weapons. In his latest exhibit “The Revolution Will Be Fabulous,” artist Peter Gronquist has taken non-operating rifles and chain saws and given them over-the-top blinged treatments complete with well-known fashion monikers.

Kauzki Guzman's bananas

Located in Mexico, this Louis Vuitton house seems like a brilliantly creative idea that has attracted (for sure) much attention on its own, but we're pretty sure most people may judge it as a deep-seated wall decoration example. Our take is that those LVs deserve to be placed where they are worthy of being. Really!

There is nothing glamorous about doing the dishes….unless you have a Louis Vuitton kitchen sponge.

Louis Vuitton Trash Bags.

Georgia Republic architect, Irakli Kiziria, has designed a Louis Vuitton condom, enveloped in the label's notorious brown packaging and adorned with what looks like raised lettering (for enhanced pleasure?). The luxury rubbers are priced at $68 each, according to the “official” website. To put the price in perspective, $68 could buy you about six 12-packs of regular condoms.

Louis Vuitton bedspread and pillow shams.

This guy will never have to get his girl a Louis Vuitton fake handbag, because he's already a fake.

Louis Vuitton car in LA....where else?

Avant garde or plain bizarre? Shanghai art lovers decided for themselves when they got to view eight live pigs bearing tattoos at the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair.

The tattooed pigs, two of them with Louis Vuitton logos, formed part of an exhibit entitled "Art Farm" by 43-year-old Belgian conceptual artist, Wim Delvoye. The pigs were later banned from the exhibition.

Machine Guns Vegas recently sent out a press release for their 'Louis Vuitton' grip handgun, but instead of it being a fashion forward pistol, it's just tasteless and tacky.