10 Funniest Batman Costumes

The next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, opens in theaters this July 20th. It seems a lot of fans are already getting ready by donning their fanciest (and funniest) Batman costumes! Check them out.

1Beach Batman

Have suitcase, will travel (into your heart!).

2Buff Batman

We would NOT mess with him.

3Chubby shopping Batman

What? Batman just needed to pick up some essentials at the drug store.

4Hairy Batman

No. Just... no.

5Scooter-Riding Batman

The Batmobile ain't what it used to be.


Batdog is not amused.

7Blading Batman

Who needs a Batmobile when you've got Bat Blades?

8Snug Batman

When he's not fighting crime, Batman knows how to chillax.

9Drinking Batman

Nailed it!

10Fatman Batman

Holy moobs, Batman!