10 Most Bizarre Hiding Spots for Criminals

1As a Vehicle Chair

You'll need to sit down for this one: a suspected illegal immigrant attempting to make his way to the United States from Mexico decided to disguise himself as a seat inside a vehicle. No, not behind the seat or under it. He became the seat, using some kind of elaborate, whizbang vehicle-chair special effects. Or so he thought, until he got caught. Photo via Daily Mail

2In the Trunk of a Judge's Car

Yes, it's unbelievable, and yes, it's true. A teenage troublemaker busted for some probation violation allegedly escaped from a courthouse and found some poor, unsuspecting unlocked car, popped open its trunk and locked himself in it, hoping for the best joyride of his life. What he didn't expect was for the car's owner to be a judge presiding at said courthouse. D'oh! Photo: iStockPhoto

3Inside a Cargo Box

What's better than sending stolen goods via air? Sending yourself with stolen goods via air. That's what Rawson Watson allegedly did during his suspected attempt to steal more than a million dollars in pesetas while aboard a cargo plane departing Heathrow Airport in London. Baggage handlers dropped a large box while unloading it from an aircraft, and out tumbled a man after it cracked open, thus cracking the case.

4Inside a Suitcase

Shirts, check. Shaving kit, check. Self, check. That's what alleged thief Krzysztof Grzegorz, 29, was probably thinking when he decided to pack himself into a suitcase so he could fly on the cargo plane and steal items from other passengers' bags. The cops zipped that one up quick.

5Inside a Vehicle Dashboard

That's right, behind the glove box where you stuff unpaid parking tickets. Stretched across the entire front dashboard of a vehicle, this woman was willing to read the traffic report and sing road songs since the radio was ripped out to make room for the comfy ride.

6As a Hill

No, this Pacific Northwest man didn't hide on a hill; he became a hill. Dressing up in a moss/grass-like ghillie suit, police say he blended in with the outdoors in Oregon in his plan to steal a huge piece of gold from within the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. He apparently wanted to become one with nature.

7Inside a Refrigerator

This suspect takes the cake -- and anything else inside the fridge. Wanted by authorities in Pennsylvania, this man squeezed inside a refrigerator in his hotel room, where the feds tracked him down. When he was nowhere to be found, a K-9 dog smelled something fishy and sniffed him out of the ice box.

8Inside a Chimney

No, they didn't find a white-bearded fat man in a red suit stealing cookies. What Canadian authorities did find was a 19-year-old who allegedly outran the cops, scaled a residence and hopped down a chimney, only to find himself stuck and yelling for help.

9Under the Hood of an Operating Vehicle

Some people will do anything to cross the border from Mexico into the United States, even if it means getting cozy with electrifying spark plugs, hot pumping pistons and burning gasoline, all in the engine of a running vehicle. Talk about a motorhead.

10In Mom's Closet

Remember when you were 6 years old and hid from your mom in her closet because you broke her vase? That's the case here -- except you are a 22-year-old man from South Carolina, your mom is the police, and instead of breaking a vase, you allegedly stashed drugs and guns in your home. The bigger problem is that he STILL hid in his mom's closet.